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New Clay/ hydrating Masks by Didier Young

Guys, can we take a second and talk about the fact that it is already mid August? While it has been fun to soak in the sun and get three shades darker than my usual concealer, I’ll have to admit that I am looking forward to the cooler days to come. First of all, fall fashion is simply the best and secondly, I love being a homebody and put on my sweatpants, brew some hot tea and log onto Netflix. One of the great things about having a good reason to stay indoors is that I also have much more time to concentrate on my skincare routine and namely, do even more masks than usual. Today I just wanted to talk briefly about some of the new masks that I’ve recently either purchased or received as gifts.

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Winter skincare: Masks by Didier Young

As we brace ourselves for the upcoming coldest months in Toronto and we start getting over the holiday cheer, the winter blues start settling in slowly. The sun casts a gloomier light on the city and sets earlier. The trees are barren and the ground is covered in ice and slush. Worse of all, my skin starts drying out and is more prone to breakouts and cracks, my lips are chapped and I look dehydrated and dull. Winter is the season where my skin requires the most care, pampering and regular exfoliation. I decided to write a small series of posts about how to take care of my skin during those dire months. Part one of the series focusses on facial masks.

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