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How to Get Motivated Without Leaving your Bed by Didier Young

We are fast approaching the middle of April and it is still snowing in Toronto. I remember the first year I arrived in Canada, it was already warm enough by Saint Patrick’s day for me to simply walk around in a tee-shirt and now I am still debating if I should put away my parka or not. Sure, snow is quite pretty to look at but this prolonged winter is starting to take a toll on my psyche. During the colder months, I do tend to become a hermit and remain confined in the warm cocoon that I call home. However, spending too much time at home does end up driving me a tad mental plus it’s hard to find the motivation to write when you’re not being exposed to anything new. Here’s a couple of things that you could do to spark some fire back into your daily routine without having to move out of your bed.

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