Branding and Growing on Instagram by Didier Young

One of the most common questions that I receive via Direct messaging on my Instagram seems to be about social media growth. The subject of growth on the platform has been brought up multiple times in the recent months due to the increasing difficulty to reach a broader audience. With the algorithm set in place, the weird non-chronological feed and the issue of shadow banning when it comes to hashtags, Instagram has become a hard beast to tame. Don’t worry, this isn’t another blog post by a blogger complaining about a decrease in likes or unethical practices in the industry. The focus of this post is about something far more important: branding.

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The Boy on the Audible Train by Didier Young

Growing up, my parents always put a big emphasis on education. Along with after school tuition and the need to score good grades in class (there is nothing lower than an A in an asian household), my parents always made sure that I was well read. What started out with a collection of Enid Blyton books soon turned into the Harry Potter saga and progressed into the classic Regency fiction of my mother’s favourite, Jane Austen. Over the years, my passion for literature remained a semi-permanent fixture in my life. What started out as a great way to improve my vocabulary became an escape from my everyday life.

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KOTN Store Opening on Queen West by Didier Young

Two boys and a girl meet in New York. The gentlemen are from Waterloo and the lady is from Toronto. They strike a friendship. While this may sound like the beginning plot lines of a new sitcom coming to CBS this fall, this is the premise of the beginnings of the brand KOTN. Mackenzie, Rami and Ben became friends who decided to start up a clothing brand and Rami immediately suggested something close to his roots; Egyptian cotton. When investigating the fabric option, they realized that Egyptian cotton was in danger of extinction due to the issues faced by the producers in the country.  Thus KOTN became a brand with an unintentional cause.

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