boy de Chanel eyebrow pencil

Make-Up Review: BOY de Chanel by Didier Young

I love makeup. I remember growing up and sneaking into my mother’s vanity to try out all the new products that she bought (and never used) and just being fascinated with how all those different colours looked on my face. Of course when my parents found out, they weren’t too thrilled. I’ve always known that my parents loved me but they definitely had a more traditional view of what a boy should be like. Boys don’t love boys, they don’t play with dolls or have high affinities for clothing and boys definitely do not wear makeup. Of course, my parents aren’t the only people who think like this and in many ways, that’s also why we have so many things that are marketed to specific genders. We rebranded deodorants in black for males and added masculine scents to skincare to cater to the male demographic. Brands are finally starting to tap into the male makeup industry, first pioneered by Tom Ford and now Chanel has followed suite with their Boy de Chanel line. 

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