A Year in a Blogger's life by Didier Young

The month of June this year marked a few things: It announced the beginning of summer, created the very defined line of a farmer’s tan on my skin and it also marked the one year anniversary of my blog. A year ago, I decided to go fully freelance with my career, quit my stable yet boring full time job and set myself to writing about my personal experiences and opinions and sharing them on this platform. Here are some of the things that I’ve learned along this 365 day journey.

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Social Media Impact and Self-entitlement by Didier Young

An event I recently attended was the beginning of a very interesting night for me. Upon arriving at the venue, I was directed to the “Instagram table” where I was sitting quietly until I was very rudely asked to move by a blonde middle aged woman who then proceeded to sit her fellow Instagrammer friends at the table. After this, I decided to take it to my insta-stories to document my particular feeling about this intrusion and it in turn resulted in my inbox being flooded with responses from people who either felt the same way as I did, or that my words were too harsh. Either way, this whole night ignited a few topics that I would love to talk about today on the blog.

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