Monthly Skincare Review: The Best Routine to Rehydrate Your Skin by Didier Young

As an avid lover of skincare, I always feel the urge to give new products a try since there’s always something fresh and new coming out on the market. That being said, the constant rotation of new products isn’t the most beneficial to my skin, especially combined with the fact that I’ve been travelling back and forth from hot to cold climates lately. As a result, my skin isn’t at its optimal and I’ve been experiencing a few hydration and breakout issues. I am not blaming any of the new products I’ve been trying but rather, I felt like my skin needed a small break and it was time for me to momentarily go back to a routine of my holy grails.

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Monthly Skincare Review: Avène by Didier Young

It’s common knowledge by now that I am a bit of a skincare junkie. Skin is our biggest organ and it is fully exposed to the outside world so we definitely need to protect and nurture it to the best of our abilities. Skincare laboratories around the world are always working on brand new technologies to help us achieve our skin goals and I am always eager to give them a try. However, unlike makeup, I simply cannot offer you a concrete answer on how much I love a new product within the span of 16 hours. While our skin does absorb quite a fair bit of the products that we put on it, it does take some time for it to truly show any form of improvement. As such, I decided to start a new monthly series on the blog where I’ll be trying a specific skincare regiment or product for the duration of a full month before offering you my opinion on them. For the first segment in this series, I’d like to showcase a brand that has been a favourite of mine for years: Avène.

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Travelling: Ten Beauty Products I Could Not Live Without by Didier Young

As we all know by now, I love skincare.  Growing up, my mother always put such a big emphasis on properly taking care of our skin, whether it was with the constant reapplication of sunscreen when we were at the beach or going to see the dermatologist when I got my first zit. I was lucky to have her guidance in figuring out which types of products I needed and she was always quite generous in making sure that I was fully stocked up in skincare. The more I aged, the more products I started adding to my daily routine but as I am getting myself ready to embark on a two week trip to Europe, I realized that I couldn't travel with all the products that I love. As such, I decided to narrow it down to ten products, new and old, that I simply couldn't live without.

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