Trouble in London by Didier Young

Something rather unpleasant happened to me on my way to London: I found out that I had lost my PR card. For those unaccustomed with the term, a permanent residence card allows me to remain permanently in Canada and is the one piece of government issued identification that also allows me to re enter the country as I please. Needless to say that when I found out that I had lost it, I became a nervous wreck on the brink of tears.

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Blogger life by Didier Young

June 2016. I packed my bags and left for Scandinavia. After nine days in Stockholm and Copenhagen, I had an epiphany, a revelation of shorts. I realized that I was not happy doing what I was doing and that I needed a change. Thus began my career as a full time blogger. Was it everything I thought it would be? Above and beyond. Was it as much of a breeze as everyone thinks it is? Absolutely not.

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Fall Beach Look by Didier Young

Ever since moving to Toronto in 2009, I have been subjected to some irregular weather patterns. While it usually gets scorching hot around August/ September and gets the coldest in February/ March, the months in between can be somewhat erratic. However, it is common consensus that in November, all the trees burn crimson and the temperature gets close to zero degrees celsius. Imagine my surprise when my weather app indicated 12 degrees this past weekend. Instead of complaining about it, I decided to make a small trip to the beach before the beginning of winter.

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