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Skincare Review: Abeille Royale Day & Night Cream by Didier Young

I have professed my love for a multitude of skincare brands over the years but because there’s always so much innovation out there on the market, the products that I try one year don’t always make it to a second or third bottle. Thankfully a lot of brands are smartening up and they will often continue to perfect the formulas of their best sellers to make sure that they remain relevant with the current technological advances in skincare. Guerlain is no exception: I wrote about some of the products in their Abeille Royale line a while back (click HERE to read it) and I kept on restocking on them since then. The brand recently launched and relaunched a few goodies and kindly sent me a sample of the new products to try out.

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Monthly Skincare Review: Guerlain's Abeille Royale by Didier Young

Founded in 1828 by Pierre- François Pascal Guerlain, the eponymous brand started out as a parfumerie at 42, Rue de Rivoli in Paris. With the creation of legendary scents such as the Eau de Cologne Imperiale for Emperor Napoleon III and Empress Eugénie, the brand became a huge success in high society and eventually opened their flagship store at 15, rue de la Paix twelve years later. For four generations, the brand was handed down through the Guerlain family from son-to-son with each generation leaving behind an important piece in the Guerlain lineage (Aimé Guerlain’s Jicky in 1889, Jacques Guerlain’s Shalimar in 1925 and Jean-Paul Guerlain’s Chamade in 1969). While the brand remained heavily perfume-focussed over its 190 year history, Guerlain also expanded into a skincare and cosmetics empire like no other. This month’s skincare review will revolve around the brand’s Abeille Royale collection.

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