Scents of the Summer / by Didier Young

men fragrances YSL Le Labo Atelier cologne Burberry margiela

It’s been slightly over a month since the summer solstice, the one day that announces the longest stretch of daylight of the year after which it all goes downhill. After a long winter in Toronto, we’ve been blessed with a fantastic summer thus far and it is standing strong judging by my newly acquired sunburn. Some of the things that often drop at the same time as the tree leaves in autumn are new fragrances. Today on the blog, I’ll be talking about some of the scents that I am most excited to wear, both for the end of summer and the beginning of fall.

atelier cologne

Atelier Cologne is definitely one of the newest fragrance brands that I've had the pleasure of discovering. While they had been present in Sephora for a little while now, they didn't quite peek my interest until I noticed their stores in the streets of Paris and their newest outpost at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto. The brand is fairly new (created in 2010) and it focusses greatly on colognes, citrus-oil-based concoctions that originated from the region of Cologne in Germany. While I've been exposed to Eau de Cologne since my early childhood, I've never quite experienced anything quite like Atelier Cologne. With a higher concentration of essential oils than most, the brand truly does make scents that stand out from the crowd. My absolute favourite this summer has been their Clementine California scent but I'll be heading on a small retreat with the brand to discover a new line that they are launching this week (it will be the topic of next week's blog post so stay tuned!).


L'homie by Yves Saint Laurent

Released in 2006, L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent  is a fresh spicy scent that has character without offending anyone. As such, it is no surprise that the fragrance became quite popular for a whole generation of men. Since then, fourteen variations of the scent have been released, culminating with L'Homme Cologne Bleue. The newest reinterpretation is unarguably blue thanks to its aquatic notes and it served as the perfect "cool" scent on the hottest days of the summer.


Le labo

Le Labo has been one of those brands that has been on my "Best Fragrance" lists since day one of this blog. The french brand's Santal 33 and Rose 31 may be the king and queen of their unisex line but their catalogue of scents is nothing short of exquisite. Every September, Le Labo releases their City Exclusives in every store across the world and it is the perfect time for you to snatch such gems as Tokyo's Gaiac 10, Amsterdam's Mousse de Chêne 30 or Dallas' Aldehyde 44.

Margiela replica

Maison Martin Margiela might be fairly new to the fragrance game (the first scent was launched in 2010) but the brand has undoubtedly conquered the hearts of perfume lovers everywhere in the world from the first whiff of (untitled). Since then, Margiela released the Replica line which consists of an impressive nineteen different scents that are meant to replicate the sensory feeling attributed to specific occurrences in our daily lives (or at times in our fantasies). Jazz Club is a huge favourite but I am looking forward to wearing By The Fireplace, a scent that reminds me of roasting marshmallows near the fireplace with its notes of vanilla and smoked wood.


burberry indigo

Launched in 2016, Mr. Burberry was created by the talented Francis Kurkdjian and it was a glorious melange of fougère and woody notes. Taking his inspiration from the fresh sea breeze of the English coast, Kurkdjian reimagined the new Mr. Burberry Indigo as a casual version of the original fragrance, with greener and more aromatic notes of violet leaf and mint oil.

Of course there are many other fantastic scents out there in the market but those are the ones that have been on heavy rotation for me lately. I am definitely looking forward to the colder days so I can start wearing more woody/ spicy scents once again but for now, I'll happily spritz myself with those summery fragrances.