Travel Diaries: Stockholm / by Didier Young

A friend of mine was heading off to Stockholm this past week and asked me for some recommendations about the city. Since its been two years since my last trip to the Swedish city, I thought that it would be smart of me to pull up the blog post about Stockholm to share it with him. Imagine my surprise when I realized that I had never done a blog post about one of my favourite cities in the world! Of course, I decided to remedy to the situation by sitting down, editing my trip photos (you’d be surprised how much of a difference two years can do to someone’s editing style) and putting together this travel diary about the most populous city in the Nordic Countries.

The Stockholm Archipelago

The city stretches across fourteen different islands that are interconnected by an intricate web of bridges. Stockholm is the Swedish capital and serves as its cultural, media, political, and economic center.

Gamla Stan

Located on the original small islands that made up the earliest settlements of Stockholm, Gamla Stan is the oldest section of the city. The streets here are narrow, the buildings tall and the feeling is completely magical. Gamla Stan houses notable buildings such as the Riddarhuset (House of Nobility) and the Bonde Palace.

Stockholm Metro

Opened in 1950, the Stockholm metro spreads out across the city and is well known worldwide for the intricate decors in each station. It is often referred to as the Longest art gallery in the World.

stockholm coffee


Sweden is the third biggest coffee consuming country in the world (behind Finland and the Netherlands) and they even have a term that became quite popular worldwide: Fika which could be translated to “to have a break”. While partaking in the practice of fika, you could sit at one of the gorgeous coffee shops in the city and sip your coffee along with a delicious kardamummabullar (cardammom buns, quite similar to its cinnamon cousin which are also available).

stockholm fika

Oaxen Slip

Swedes may be renowned for their delicious meatballs but the city also abounds of seafood. ( To be honest, IKEA offers a pretty great insight into what Swedish food looks like). One of my favourite places to eat in Stockholm was Oaxen Slip. I’ll admit that I originally chose the location due to its stunning decor but I would definitely go back for the delicious food.


Sweden is the birth place of iconic fashion brands such as ACNE studios, J. Lindenberg, H&M and Filippa K so it comes to no surprise that shopping plays a big part in the Swedish capital. With areas such as Kungsholmen, Södermalm and Östermalm, you are sure to find stores that will please everybody. If you are in the city, make sure to check out the ACNE archive store. You will not regret it.

Rosendals Trädgård

Located to the west of the beautiful Rosendal Palace, Rosendals Trädgård is located on Djugården. The garden is open to the public and houses a small bakery. It was by far, one of my favourite places to visit in the city.


The city has gone through various schools of architecture starting from the Medieval times. Some of its notable buildings include the Stockholm Public Library and even a cemetery that became a World Heritage site named Skogskyrkogården.

Stockholms Olympiastadion

As the official venue for the 1912 Olympic Games, the Stadion was designed by architect Torben Grut and hosted the athletics, gymnastics, tug of war and wrestling events along with part of the equestrian, football and modern pentathlon ones.

Bergianska Trädgården

The Bergian Garden is a botanical garden located on the outskirts of Stockholm, in the Frescati area, close to the Swedish Museum of Natural History. The garden moved to its current location in 1885 and houses the E. Anderson Greenhouse and the Victoria Greenhouse.

bergian garden

Those are the most vivid recollections that I have of the beloved city but given the chance, I would definitely head back there in a heartbeat.