Four Jacket Styles to Own in Spring / by Didier Young


As I am writing this, Toronto is still surprisingly covered in snow and ice. On the bright side, the weather is supposed to hit the double digits this upcoming week and I couldn’t be happier. Spring is one of my favourite seasons, not because of the blooming of the Magnolias and the melting of the ice block on which I live, but rather because of all the jackets. When you’re a boy, you don't have the beautiful dresses that girls have in the summer and instead, you often have to result to a plain outfit that consists of a t-shirt and shorts. Winter is a write-off as you are covered in the biggest parka jacket that you can find. For me, the two best fashion seasons are spring and fall but unfortunately they are quite short lived. As such, here are four jackets that you should invest on for these few weeks between winter and summer.


As one knows, you cannot get the May flowers without the April showers. Spring is typically a rainy season and as such, you might want to invest in a waterproof jacket or two. The obvious choice would be a raincoat! While it isn't the most suitable during the earlier days of spring when it is still quite chilly in Toronto, it makes for the perfect coat later on during the season. When it comes down to raincoats, I do have a few brands that I tend to favour, namely Hunter, Stutterheim and Rains. In my personal opinion, Hunter makes the most practical version, Stutterheim is the most stylish brand out of the three and Rains offers very lightweight jackets which are perfect for the warmer days of the season.


Another fantastic rainproof option is a trench coat. Now, you need to be careful when picking one of those: there are quite a few options out there but I’ve noticed that they are often made for fashion purposes rather than practical ones. As such, many brands create cotton versions which tend to drape better on the body but unfortunately they aren’t the most water resistant. The best option would be to go to the source. The military jacket was first created by Burberry for the British soldiers (hence the name “trench”) and the brand is still best known nowadays for this article of clothing.


Now that we’ve dealt with the rainier days, let’s talk about the dryer ones. The two upcoming options are technically suitable for every season but you can definitely find specific styles and fabrics made for spring weather. First, let’s start with another former military jacket: the bomber. Also known as the flight jacket, the garment was originally created for military pilots but gained popularity in the fashion world. A few years back it was all about the embroidered souvenir jacket but the trend reverted back to the original look of the coat with the prominence of Alpha Industries in popular culture. 


Last but not least, we’ll talk about the classic leather jacket. No coat is more badass and versatile than a leather one and you can throw it on top of a dress shirt, tee or hoodie and you’re good to go. I know people who swear that they can withstand a whole Canadian winter with only a leather jacket and I still think that they are crazy. However, it can easily be layered with a thinner down vest for extra warmth during the colder days of spring and fall. My personal favourite is from ACNE STUDIOS but there are so many brand out there that make fantastic leather coats. If you’re a risk taker and want a twist on the traditional leather jacket, you could invest in a suede version instead but stay away from liquids.

It is worth noting that those options aren’t exclusively for men and that women can also find those styles in store. (Small weather update: By posting date, we finally reached 15C so I’ll be heading out to enjoy the sun).