How I Feel After a Year of SoulCycle / by Didier Young

There is a small detail about me that I don’t often share with people: I have asthma. It started out when I was around seven years old and it disappeared a few years later. I thought that I could leave it in the past but unfortunately, about a year ago it came back.  I don’t always get asthma attacks thankfully: it is usually only triggered by dust or by activities that require some form of cardio. For that specific reason, I have been scared of doing any running or cycling for the past year until recently. Then, I discovered Soul Cycle.

I won’t lie, I was worried the first time I went to a class. People’s opinions tend to diverge when it comes to their liking for the workout class but the consensus was that Soul Cycle was going to whoop my butt. As I made my way to the Yorkville studio, I was mentally prepared to make a fool out of myself in front of a class full of prodigious spinners. Was it hard? Yes it was indeed but I didn't count on one little factor: that I would absolutely love it. Spinning took my breath away in more ways than one but after I pushed through the initial discomfort, the endorphins kicked in and I was filled with a feeling of euphoria.

Fast forward to nearly a year later and I still enjoy going to the classes. Due to a busy end of 2018/ busy start of 2019, I have not been able to go as often as I would have liked but I still manage to attend a class or two sparingly. A soul class isn’t solely a cycling class that works on your leg muscles. All the different push-up and the intense choreography proves to be quite effective on the upper body and the positive attitude that the instructors try to spread around in the studio is effectively a short term form of mental boost. As such, a soul cycle class doesn’t only do the body good but it also does the mind good.

I typically attend my favourite instructor’s class but it’s nice to switch around from time to time as each instructor tends to come with his/her own philosophy, choreography and approach to the fourty five minutes that you’ll be spending in their studio. For the brave of heart, you can attend a SoulSurvivor class, a SoulActivate class or even do a double (none of which I’ve had the guts to try out…yet). Some might argue that SoulCycle may not reap the same rewards as other bootcamp style institutions such as Barry’s but it has proven to be an effective way to make a gym skeptic such as yours truly enjoy a good workout. I find each class to be thrilling in its own way and it has proven to be a great mood booster whenever I haven’t felt the greatest about myself in the last year.

Of course, workouts are a tricky thing to objectively talk about as we all have our own preferences. So all I have to say is get dressed and come tap that ass back.