Sodastream: Homemade Ginger Ale Recipe / by Didier Young

sodastream ginger ale

As is the case with most children, I didn’t have a very developed palate growing up. Greens were often pushed to the side of my plate and pasta was rapidly devoured. I drank limited amounts of water, and instead opted for the bubbles and extreme amounts of sugar that come with pop drinks. Now that I’m an adult, it’s a completely different story. Gone are the carefree childhood days of limited responsibility, taking compulsory naps and regularly indulging in junk food. That said, I have recently been finding new ways to make adulthood less monotonous and maintain some of the simple joys of childhood in my life. 

sodastream ginger ale
Sodastream ginger ale

I recently came into possession of a SodaStream FIZZI sparkling water maker, which completely changed my life. The FIZZI allows me to make sparkling water in seconds at home, making sure that my water intake never falls flat. While I had been feeling bored with a healthier diet and more regimented lifestyle, the FIZZI allows me to bring back the nostalgic feeling of bubbly beverages while remaining healthy. The FIZZI has definitely brought some excitement to my life and completely changed my boring calorie-free water into a source of bubbly fun. Whenever I feel like having a cheat day and drinking some pop, I’ll be making my own version of ginger ale. All you need to do is make a ginger syrup to add to your water after you’ve processed it in the FIZZI. The recipe is easy and adaptable to everyone’s taste level:

sodastream ginger ale

Ginger Syrup

3/4 cup    Honey

1 cup         Water

1        Ginger root (I added the whole root. I love ginger)

1 squeeze    Citrus juice (Usually lemon works best but I chose a clementine in this case)

Bring the honey, water and sliced ginger root to a boil. Set aside to cool down and then add the citrus juice. Voila! It was as simple as that.

Now it’s time to add it to your SodaStream sparkling water. The recipe itself yield around 1 3/4 cups of syrup and the amount you use is left to your discretion. I personally like adding 1/4 cup per Sodastream bottle which makes it approximately two tablespoons of honey per bottle.

sodastream lodestars kinfolk

Easy, breezy, beautiful! Who knew that making your own sparkling water would have so much in common with CoverGirl? Now I get to sit back and enjoy a drink that is as exciting as pop but as guilt free as water.