Social Media Impact and Self-entitlement / by Didier Young

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An event I recently attended was the beginning of a very interesting night for me. Upon arriving at the venue, I was directed to the “Instagram table” where I was sitting quietly until I was very rudely asked to move by a blonde middle aged woman who then proceeded to sit her fellow Instagrammer friends at the table. After this, I decided to take it to my insta-stories to document my particular feeling about this intrusion and it in turn resulted in my inbox being flooded with responses from people who either felt the same way as I did, or that my words were too harsh. Either way, this whole night ignited a couple of topics that I would love to talk about today on the blog.

men fashion allsaints dries van noten common projects

While I cannot put everyone in the same basket, I do believe that there is a sense of self entitlement that is reigning in the Instagram world lately. There are quite a few people who believe that a few thousand followers simply means free meals, make up and clothing. They have come to feel that they deserve better that non- instagrammers and that they should always be given a preferential treatment. I know that there are still a lot of content creators out there that have the same ethos as I do: we still believe that this platform is a form of expression, a means of sharing our opinions and thoughts. At the end of the day, we do not do this for the likes or the comments. We do this because we have something to say and we do not believe ourselves to be better than anyone else simply because we have a following. As such, my dear blonde lady, you are polluting society’s perception of us and projecting an image who showcases us as petty bottom dwellings who will do anything for free gifts.

men fashion allsaints dries van noten common projects

The second point I would like to address is equality of the sexes. I will admit that in my stories, I did call her a bitch. Gasp. Blasphemy. How dare I, I know. Let me put it out there. I love women. Women are the creators of life, there is usually more compassion in a woman than in a stadium filled with men and women go through such hardship in life without ever complaining about it. Giving birth. Periods. Eyebrow micro blading. We often hear that strong women will be vilified whereas strong men will simply be glorified. However, what happens when a woman is actually being a bitch? Is it so wrong to use the B word? After all, we are quick to call rude men dicks so why cant we call rude women bitches? I did receive a couple of messages stating that I should not be using this word when referring to women and I would usually refrain from it. However, is it so wrong to call it as it is? Sometimes, the only way to refer to a donkey is by calling it a donkey. Where do we draw the line between equality of the sexes and oversensitivity?

I could spend more time dissecting every scene of that night but if I did, I might have to start writing a book instead (book deal anyone?). I would like to thank everyone who took the time to message me regarding this issue, whether good or bad. You should never be scared of voicing out your opinions because you never know, there might be a whole Instagram family out there to back you up.



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