Saturday Dinette / by Didier Young

The restaurant is located right at the corner of Gerrard and Logan.

If you are strolling along Gerrard Street in Chinatown East, there’s a great chance that you may have stumbled upon our next spotlight subject. Located on a street corner, the building itself exudes an understated charm to it; white wooden panels, large windows with a distinct yellow lamp right above the door. A favourite amongst bloggers, Saturday Dinette has become a regular watering hole for food lovers, especially after the implementation of their weekday brunches.

The owners are obvious fans of Liverpool.

The decor of the restaurant is eclectic and reminiscent of a past era. Patrons have the option to eat off of marble tables or to sit at the bar on blue rotating chairs that contrast nicely against the red and white walls. Dispersed around the restaurant, you will find other memorabilia of times gone by; records of artist long gone, cookbooks from renowned restaurants around the world and even an old scarf in support of the British Liverpool soccer team. Cutlery is left in a tin container on tables and dishes are served on an array of mismatched vintage plates.

Nothing says diner quite like swiverling bar stools. 

On this brunching occasion, few dishes were ordered. The Dinette Brekkie differs from most breakfast plates; the eggs and toast are present but bacon is missing the call. Instead you will find juicy roasted tomatoes, creamy grits and home made hash browns that rival the ones available at McDonalds. This constitutes the dream breakfast plate for vegetarians but lacked a je ne sais quoi for a carnivore like myself. As such, a side order of sausage was placed and promptly arrived at the table. The plate remained juicy and meaty while avoiding the usual overdose of sodium one might encounter in a usual sausage.

A traditional dish that breaks conventions.

The second main dish ordered was the SD Brekkie Burger (Beef and lamb patties, port caramelized onions, harissa aioli, runny egg, cheese wafer). The dish was enjoyable and wholesome, with a tasty soft bun that did not crumble under pressure and the cheesewafer added a boost of flavour and texture in an already flavourful burger. Also to be noted, we ordered a French Press that offered a taste so rich for a price so low.

The full delicious spread of this trip's meal.

Acting as a true testament to the restaurant’s popularity, three items were 86’d (a kitchen term meaning that you are sold out of an item) during the span of our meal.  We left the restaurant content and full bellied while remembering why Saturday Dinette is such a trendy location. The decor here reflects the food; a nostalgic reminder that does not lose its lustre over time and Saturday Dinette is definitely a place where you should eat at, even on days that are not Saturday.