Monthly Skincare Review: Schåf Skincare & Otis Batterbee / by Didier Young


I am really cutting it close with September’s skincare review! It’s been a busy month and amidst all the skincare releases this past month, I will admit that this month’s review might have been slighted affected from all the other product’s that I’ve tried on my skin. That being said, I have given this line a full two weeks trial so we shall base the results on that time frame as opposed to the usual four weeks. This time around, I got to try a line made in Canada from Ontario called Schåf Skincare.


The company may be new but they have already been featured in such publishings as InStyle and GQ, with many praising the line’s serum and cleanser. The brand puts a huge emphasis on hydration and mentions that their products are perfect for all skin types. By making sure that their products are free of parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, artificial colouring, fragrance, essential oils, sulfates, mineral oils, silicone, phthalates, petroleum, phenoxyethanol, animal byproducts, GMOs, Gluten and propylene glycol, Schåf is ensuring that their skincare line is as gentle as possible on the skin. The brand is also cruelty free and vegan which is sure to please a community that is increasingly demanding cleaner and greener options. As of now, the Schåf line is fairly streamlined with only seven products being available for purchase on their website.


Packaging wise, Schåf reflects their minimalistic philosophy when it comes to skincare: All white packaging, brief mention of the products, a few of their most potent ingredients and the brand’s name. A no bullshit packaging for a no bullshit brand. Upon usage, I was truly astonished by the fragrance aspect of the products. Although many brands will not add any additional fragrances to their products, they are often natural scented by the ingredients used in the formulas but Schåf’s line is close to scentless.


I usually categorize my skin as being combination type which means that it does get oily in some parts and dry in others. The great thing with Schåf is that it somehow managed to balance out my skin by helping out with both the dry and oily areas. The coconut based cleanser lathered quite beautifully on the skin and while it felt squeaky clean, it also somehow managed to feel hydrating. The purifying scrub was a personal favourite, with its creamier texture and bamboo beads which were as gentle on the skin and they are on the planet. Schåf is a brand that produces in small batches and it shows with its dedication to making sure they are providing the customer with a high quality product at a very affordable price (the whole line ranges from $20 to $60).


I also tested out Otis Batterbee’s fenton wash bag for the month. The british designer is well known for his travelling accessories and his products can be found at high end retailers such as Barneys New York, Liberty London and Harrods. I absolutely loved the size of his wash bag as I often find most cosmetic bags to be too small or too rigid to be able to accommodate my varying bottle sizes. I was able to put all seven full sized bottles of Schåf products comfortably in the Fenton and I could still have added another three or four products in there. This is definitely going to be my wash bag of choice for travelling from now on.