Monthly Skincare Review: Rodial's Vit C line / by Didier Young

For this month’s skincare focus, we are moving away from my usual french brands and crossing the pond to the UK. While we do tend to look towards France, Japan and Korea whenever we think of skincare these days, England has had it’s fair share of fantastic brands. Today’s spotlight is Maria Hatzistefanis’ Rodial. 

Founded in 1999, the brand was created by Maria as she noticed a gap in the market for high performance skincare that offers targeted results- driven treatments. Since then, the brand has amassed a huge celebrity following and a global presence. By utilizing powerful ingredients such as dragon’s blood (no dragons were harmed in the making of the products, don’t worry) and bee venom, each product is carefully formulated to attain the best immediate results and the different lines offered address a wide range of skin concerns.

Since it is currently summer in Toronto, I decided to try out the brand’s Vit C line which consists of an energizing sheet mask, brightening cleansing pads, a brightening cleanser and a gel brightening mask. Rodial kindly sent over their Rose gold serum and Rose gold moisturizer as well but unfortunately I was unable to give those a thorough try. It turns out that the 24 Carat Gold technology products are quite heavily rose scented which immediately gave me the biggest headache. However, if you don’t mind scented skincare, I’d definitely suggest giving them a try. After a quick trial on my hand, I’ll admit that my skin felt hydrated and looked marginally brighter, without leaving any residual stickiness or greasiness.

Why create a whole line around vitamin C, you may ask? The vitamin is known for its brightening capabilities, along with evening out your skin tone, significantly improving hydration and it is an amazing anti-aging nutrient that helps with the rebuilding of collagen. The Vit C brightening cleanser was a mild hit to me. Its ingredients list features fruit AHAs (increases moisture absorption and gently exfoliates), glycolic and lactic acid (helps with skin renewal), blood orange water (antioxidant and helps with the purification of pores) and the obvious vitamin C ( brightens and evens skin tone). The cleanser wasn’t as foamy as I’d like it to be and while I did feel like my skin was quite clean after usage, it did also feel a tad stripped out. Between the two cleansing options, I definitely preferred the cleansing pads. The formulation is fairly similar with the inclusion of 0.5% Salicylic acid which is meant to refine pores to reduce and prevent blemishes. The pads themselves were quite sturdy and high quality which I was very appreciative of and they were a joy to use. As I tend to be a tad lazy from time to time, I would simply utilize one of those pads to cleanse my skin at night and I’m happy to say that I haven't been suffering from clogged pores this month.

When it comes down to the masks, I’ve only had the chance to utilize the sheet mask once while I did make use of the gel version more regularly. The sheet mask offered a great brightening quick fix, with my skin looking hydrated and glowy afterwards. I would definitely be inclined to give it a few additional tries. The gel mask was a great product as well: easy to apply and to take off and so lightweight that I once forgot that I had it on and only removed it an hour later instead of the recommended fifteen minutes. 

Overall, I did enjoy the line. I tend to favour skincare that feels lush but those are not the most comfortable to slather on when it is thirty degrees outside. As such, I do believe that the Vit C line is perfect for the warmer days of the year plus it is definitely the best season to have bright tanned skin.