Ricarda's Jazz Brunch / by Didier Young

As the work week comes to an end, we always look forward to the activities that we will be partaking into during the weekend. Some of them, like doing laundry, aren't necessarily the most recreational or eventful occupations but there are always great ways to spend those two glorious days of rest. Long walks along the waterfront, sunbathing in the park, shopping in cute little boutiques and, my personal favourite, grabbing brunch with beloved friends. Today’s post focusses on the Mediterranean restaurant Ricarda’s.

Located at the corner of Peter and Richmond Street, the restaurant may be found inside a recently modernized red brick building. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the expansive local is always populated by patrons who are grabbing a drink at the bar, having a sit down meal or taking advantage of the grab and go option provided by Ricarda’s. On every Sunday, Ricarda’s throws a Jazz brunch where you may enjoy your meal to the sound of a live band playing classic tunes of olden times. Priced at $55 (with an optional $30 add-on for Cava, caesars and wine), it might not be the cheapest brunch in the city but the buffet offers a selection of freshly shucked oysters, roasted rib eye and seared foie gras which makes up for the price.


One of the highlights of the brunch definitely came at the beginning of the meal. I have an affinity for good bread and Ricarda’s did not disappoint: their huge crew of employees includes a fairly big pastry department who bakes their breads and sweet treats fresh daily.   If you were so inclined as to you check out the Jazz brunch, you will find your usual salad bar, hot apps and waffle stations but you may find yourself attracted to their customizable pasta station. All good meals end with a sweet treat and Ricarda’s offers you a variety of options including the classic Italian Tiramisu, small fruit tarts and a cornucopia of freshly cut fruits.

The bottomless cava add-on option was definitely a great touch but it was a tad disappointing that you had to incur an extra charge for orange juice if you wanted to turn it into a mimosa. All things considered, I had a lovely time at Ricarda’s. The food was great and fares high on my list of brunch buffets in the city. However if you decided to head there on a Sunday morning, I would probably recommend skipping dinner the night before just so you can make the most of your money during the Jazz Brunch.