Raincoat / by Didier Young

Perfectly ready for the storm ahead.

Rainy days can be quite a challenge when it comes to figuring out what to wear. Does one put on a waterproof jacket, that far too often are more practical than fashionable? Do we carry a cumbersome umbrella that we have to juggle with our other everyday accessories? For me, deciding often causes a rain delay. We shall once again look towards the Europeans for an answer to that question, in this case, towards the land of the Vikings.

Raincoat: Rains, Glasses: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Shoes:Adidas

Shirt: Kit and Ace, Pants: Everlane

One of the most celebrated designers of waterproofed goods in recent years has undeniably been Swedish brand Stutterheim. With a following counting Mr. Kanye West himself,  the brand’s clean aesthetic has been a favourite of the minimalist movement around the world. However, their prices often act as a deterrent to many people looking for a rain jacket. Danish brand Rains is a great compromise. With a price point coming at around a quarter of a Stutterheim jacket, they are definitely easier on the wallet but equally stylish.

Dressing up in monochrome as per usual.

When picking a colour, go with something you would usually wear in your everyday life. As much as we all wish to have a Singing in the Rain moment, if yellow is not something you would consider as part of your wardrobe, then perhaps choose something more subdued. Treat your rain jacket like every other piece of outerwear in your wardrobe. In my personal case, you would have noticed by now how enamoured I am by monochrome outfits, and as such I picked tan pants and an off white teeshirt to pair with my beige coat. It’s a look that works seamlessly with my personal style, with the extra benefit of keeping me dry on the wet days.