Personal Style / by Didier Young

Jacket and sweater: UNIQLO

As shocking as it may sound, my wardrobe is composed mostly of minimal pieces in solid colours. What is that you say? You’re not surprised? Ok, I’m not either. Like everyone out there, it took me some time to find a style that fits me and defines me as a person. I went through the stage where I had the Dawson’s Creek hairstyle (those photos have since then been destroyed), worn chinos in an array of colours that would make a unicorn nauseous and I have worn bowties paired with suspenders. Unsurprisingly, those outfits were inspired by things that interested me at the time: a television show about a group of friends, others with Japanese cartoon characters and yet another one featuring nerd chic. Yes, I watch far too much television but my point here is that everyone is influenced by the environment they are subjected to.

Those artsy moments.

Sometimes I like using my jackets as capes.

Fashion follows the same formula: one person comes up with an idea, others get influenced and create their own versions of the original idea. As such, trends are born. It is easy to fall prey to trends and end up a fashion victim but it is far harder to figure out a style that fits you. I am no fashion influencer but I do have a few modest opinions about the subject.

Perfect weather for layering.

Firstly, figure out your colours. I’ve learned the hard way that brown and yellow are not necessarily good colours on me. Black, white and tan will work on pretty much everyone but blue is the colour I owe my allegiance to. Next comes the fit. I am never the tallest guy in the room and I have a shorter torso but I have been blessed with proportionally long legs. As such, I always gravitate towards slim jeans and chinos. Slim. Not skinny or sprayed on. One does not need to know the exact shape of my thighs when I am out in public. For tops, I do love something a bit boxier. I love the contrast between the boxiness and the slimness but I always try to be careful not to get anything too big or I will simply look like a walking pile of clothing.

Last but not least, comes the details. I love everything Scandinavian and minimal. Yes, it is a trend right now but it is something I can see myself keeping on loving for the rest of my life. Pair a clean look with a nice pop of detail and you’re almost certain to catch my attention. Oh and one more thing: never be afraid to break all the rules I just listed and trying something new because after all, fashion should be fun.