Platito Filipino Soul Food / by Didier Young

The beautiful hand painted walls at Platito make for instagrammable photos.

The beautiful hand painted walls at Platito make for instagrammable photos.

Toronto is known as one of the most multicultural cities in the world. With our diverse communities, beliefs and cultures, there is always something for everyone, especially when it comes to edibles. One may find it easy to locate a good steak tartare, a delicious plate of butter chicken or even a tasty bowl of pho, but if you are craving Filipino food, the struggle is real. 

Isabelle (@allons.y) capturing a photo of feast.

Isabelle (@allons.y) capturing a photo of feast.

Here is where Platito enters the stage. The recently opened restaurant located in Baldwin Village offers a traditional fare of Filipino cuisine with the inclusion of the classic adobo dish. A front and back patio makes the restaurant a great stop on the hot summer days—you can sit out and order from the snacks menu while sipping on their delicious white wine sangria or a bottle of San Miguel, a filipino favourite. The main dining room is flooded by natural daylight and the walls are hand painted with an eclectic mix of graphics that include a very instagrammable rooster.

The flavourful pork skewers available on the snacks menu.

We headed up to Platito on a Sunday afternoon to try out their brunch and were lucky enough to get the black marble table right by the big front windows. Our tasting started out with the sweet pork skewers, a dish so fragrant that it made us salivate before it even reached out table. Truth be told, we were all tempted to devour them without even capturing the moment digitally. After a few excruciation photos were taken, we finally got to reap our reward and it did not disappoint; the skewers were moist and the perfect balance of barbecued salty sweetness.

Starting with the white wine sangria.

The settings of a wonderful dinner.

The next dishes to come to the table were the Tortang Talong (eggplant omelette, salsa, fried rice), the Longsilog (house made sweet pork sausage, garlic fried rice, two fried eggs), the Bok Bok Chicken (fried chicken, purple yam waffle and maple butter) and a hybrid of the Tapsilog and Pan-Di-River Pandesal (Marinated beef sliders in sweet buns). The eggplant omelette is Platito’s vegetarian brunch option and has a strong smokey flavour that elevated the whole dish. The fried chicken was really moist and tasty even though, once paired with the maple syrup and waffle, it ended up being a bit too sweet for my taste. The marinated beef sliders were also delicious and would make for a great snack to pair with beer on a hot summer day.

Once the photos are taken, its time to dig in family style.

This delicious meal was concluded with the Waffle and Ice cream macapuno and a little surprise; ube milkshakes that are soon to make their debut on the menu. The pairing of those two items made for a wonderful shock of purple next to the white wall where they were placed and are sure to become a hit with instagrammers around the city.

Finishing off with the Waffle and ice cream macapuno and the uber milkshakes.

The overall experience at Platito was quite enjoyable. Other than a few items that could easily be tweaked, all things considered, we all left the restaurant that night very pleased with our meal. Platito stays true to its filipino roots without alienating the people who have not experienced this particular cuisine before and is sure to keep them coming for more just like we will.


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