Pattern / by Didier Young

Throwing in some pattern in the outfit mix.

One may say that I choose my outfits just like I choose my words: simple, straight to the point and without much flourish. As such, people have grown accustomed to seeing me dressed in head to toe monochrome but sometimes, I like to throw a curveball and include a splash of colour or pattern. In today’s case, it is a little bit of both.

Still one of my favourite tee shirts I've ever bought.

Today’s style post features two pieces of clothing that I absolutely cherish from my wardrobe that are, surprisingly, not navy. The first is this Burberry Prorsum Woodcut tee shirt from a few years back. Fashion pieces tend to go obsolete quite fast, especially if they feature print that can be traced down to a specific season in the brand’s history. However, I do remember seeing this shirt going down the runway and I absolutely fell in love with it. Even after all these years, the woodcut tee shirt is still one of my favourites pieces and the craftsmanship is such that it remained almost identical from the day of purchase. You could learn a thing or two there, Zara.

The usual swinging of the jacket.

The second piece we will discuss was made a bit closer to home. I found this cute fence print jacket from the brand Krane Design, based in Toronto, at the Toronto Designer’s Market last year. The piece had a limited release which meant that few copies of the jacket were created, making it more of a collector’s piece with a low risk of wearing the same outfit as your friend at a party. The jacket itself is simple enough in cut but with an interesting pattern that works great when paired with the monochrome outfits I love so dearly. Supporting local designers is always a great added bonus, as more and more people exclusively shop at fast fashion retailers which further reduces the chances of our local talents to sustain a living.

Originally on the fence about patterns but I absolutely fell in love with those two pieces.

Having a signature look or style is fantastic but its always great to change it up from time to time to keep it fresh. Sometimes you may find a piece that you are on the fence about, sometimes it is a jacket with a fence print, but at the end of the day it is all about taking a leap of faith and trying out new things. After all, the grass is always greener… on the other side.