First time in Osheaga / by Didier Young

H&M fashion menswear osheaga floral shirt

Although I have been living in Canada since 2009, this season has been a summer of many firsts for me. The last few months saw me camping and eating s’mores near a fireplace, going to my first baseball game and attending Osheaga. For those who might not know, Osheaga is a three day indie music festival hosted in the beautiful city of Montreal. Recently ranked on Forbes as the seventh most lucrative music festival in the world, Osheaga is by far the most important of its kind in Canada.

H&M fashion menswear bomber jeans osheaga
H&M menswear fashion bomber bomber osheaga

For my first trip to the Quebecois festival, I was blessed to have been invited by H&M. I have often expressed the importance that sustainability has in my heart and the brand has proven to be a champion of the cause. With over 25% of the current store offerings being sustainably conscious and a fantastic recycling program, H&M is aiming towards revolutionizing an industry where fashion pieces are, far too often, easily disposable. The brand is hoping that by 2020, all the cotton in their range will be coming from sustainable sources. As such, H&M makes it possible to look good at an affordable price while still trying to minimalise our impact on the environment.

menswear fashion osheaga festival H&M
Osheaga menswear fashion H&M tank top festival outfit

The first day of the festival was cursed with a fair amount of rain but it didn’t stop anyone from having fun. I spent the whole day covered in a clear disposal poncho but once Lorde started performing, I simply pushed back my hood and fully embraced the rain. There was a euphoric sense of freedom in the act of dancing in the torrential downpour while listening to Lorde singing live. It was most definitely the most magical moment I have ever had at a concert and it shall never be forgotten. The second and third days were filled with a succession of talented artists, culminating in a brilliant performance by Toronto’s The Weeknd. The best part of the trip was not necessarily the music itself, but rather how the festival manages to bring people together with the power of music. Over the course of the three days, I was happy to meet and befriend fellow music lovers with whom I hope to keep contacts for the years to come.

Osheaga Menswear festival outfit H&M
Osheaga Menswear festival outfit H&M

I am now back home in my beloved Toronto, with a bag in dire need of being laundered. My canvas shoes will never be white again but they have now been marked with a pattern that will forever immortalize the memories that were forged at Osheaga.




OUTFIT DETAILS: All outfits by H&M/ Sunglasses by Dior and Rayban.

Photography by Steven Lee.