One of a Kind Online Shop / by Didier Young

Tis the season to be shopping. It is mid-November and it once again this time of the year when we all have to wave our magic wands and somehow conjure up the perfect present: One that is personal, unique, pretty, within a specific price range and that your special ones have not purchased for themselves yet. It is becoming increasingly hard in this highly consumption centric society to find such a rare gem. Sometimes it feels like it would be easier to find a needle in a hay stack. Thankfully we have wonderful shows like the One of a Kind Show and its online shop.

While the actual show itself takes places yearly at the Enercare Centre in Toronto (November 24-December 4), the online shop stays active year long which allows us to shop for unique presents for June babies. This year, some of my dearest friends will receive products conceived by local artisans who believe in the goods they deliver. I compiled a list of some of my favourite items to be found on the website and broke them down into three categories to give you a small glimpse of this digital cave of Wonders.



1. Whiskey Finn documents pouch by Matu (

2. Tea Set by Present Day Gifts (

3. 3/4oz Cola Maison by 3/4oz Tonic Maison (

4. Retreat Spa Box by Present Day Gifts (

5. 3/4oz ginger ale maison by 3/4oz Tonic Maison (

6. Whiskey Fitz cardholder by MATU (

Due to the nature of the products, they will not always look exactly like the products shots provided on the website but that is also part of the charm and appeal of shopping for unique products. One of a Kind Shop graciously offered one of my Instagram/ blog followers in Canada the chance to win a $100 gift certificate so you too can shop on the website! Just drop me a comment on this blog post or like and comment on my Instagram photo for an extra entry! The winner will be announced next week on my instagram, so stay tuned!



Wool Jacket by COS/ T-shirt by COS X Mr. Porter/ Jeans by ACNE studios