How to Get Motivated Without Leaving your Bed / by Didier Young

We are fast approaching the middle of April and it is still snowing in Toronto. I remember the first year I arrived in Canada, it was already warm enough by Saint Patrick’s day for me to simply walk around in a tee-shirt and now I am still debating if I should put away my parka or not. Sure, snow is quite pretty to look at but this prolonged winter is starting to take a toll on my psyche. During the colder months, I do tend to become a hermit and remain confined in the warm cocoon that I call home. However, spending too much time at home does end up driving me a tad mental plus it’s hard to find the motivation to write when you’re not being exposed to anything new. Here’s a couple of things that you could do to spark some fire back into your daily routine without having to move out of your bed.

Reading has always been a huge source of inspiration for me. While I do love a thrilling novel, I tend to gravitate towards books and articles that force me to think outside the box. I also quite enjoy reading blogs (you should always read blogs guys, especially mine *wink wink*) as I do think that a good writer can truly connect with his/her audience on matters that are relatable. For example, the topic of today’s post was inspired by my friend James Samuel who wrote about “How to Transform Meh into Motivated”. He’s also my go-to source whenever I’m looking for new skincare. Blogs are great because they tend to cover a variety of topics that you might be interested into, from cooking a vegan Alfredo Sauce (I keep hearing so much about this recipe that I really need to give it a try) to creating a nautical tabletop.

Netflix. Yes, the subscription platform is the destination to a bounty of weird movies and cancelled CW shows but Netflix also has a huge variety of fantastic original shows (The Crown has to be one of my favourites of the past decade) and documentaries. Whenever I watch one of those cooking shows, it always makes me want to get up and try out new recipes and restaurants. I remember when the Minimalism documentary came out, I had to pause it halfway through and packed up seven bags of clothing to donate. There’s also a lot to learn from watching movies and youtube. Oh, and watching the News but that’s a little less fun.

If those two options didn’t work for you then there’s only one final option: get out of bed! Sure it’s cold out there but sometimes that’s all you really need to wake up. I’ve always found walking to be therapeutic and it allows me to think clearer. It is also a great way to find new outfit shooting spots which is always important for the gram. When you’re a freelancer, you don't necessarily have a properly structured day as you would with a nine to five job. As such, setting up a routine for yourself can really help with preventing you from becoming unmotivated. I’ve been going to Soul Cycle twice per week for a few months now and I’ve found that it really helps to clear my mind and to waken me up. Plus it gives me a good excuse to eat fries afterwards.

Life is so interesting that there’s always a new facet that you’ve never seen before even when you’re staring at a tree that you’ve passed by a million times. You simply need to open your mind to the different possibilities around you. How about you? What do you guys do to regain motivation and inspiration in your life?