Travel Diaries: Miami / by Didier Young

I was having lunch with the girls the other day and it turns out that we were all craving the same thing: travel. While we have all been to different locations recently, we never managed to go together so we figured that it was time to change that situation. By the end of day, our tickets were booked and two weeks later we packed our bags and headed to the Sunshine State, more specifically to Miami.

Much like my previous New York trip, we decided to head to Miami for a total of four days but unlike NYC where I felt like I didn't have enough time to cover it all, I could probably have done Miami in three days instead. Miami is a major port city in the States and it is the largest city with a cuban-american plurality in America. Hence, a huge portion of the population speaks Spanish and you might find yourself thinking that you're in Havana at times.



The Plymouth Hotel


Joëlle very kindly made the arrangements for our stay at The Plymouth Hotel in South Beach. The moment we entered the lobby, we were greeted with genuine smiles and the scent of Dyptique's Baie candles. The pool was open 24/7 which was perfect for our midnight dips and the rooms had some of the comfiest beds I've ever slept in.


The 1 Hotel Miami


While we didn't have the opportunity to stay at the 1 Hotel in Miami, we still ended up at the location due to how gorgeous it was. We had a delicious breakfast at Habitat and the decor did not disappoint. 


South Beach


One of the biggest attractions of Miami was obviously its beaches. I haven't had the chance to walk near the ocean since I moved to Toronto and it definitely brought back a touch of nostalgia. We were treated to pink sunsets and it was during one of those gorgeous sunsets that my heartmate asked to spend a lifetime together, to which I wholeheartedly said yes.


Miami Design District


Does it really surprise anyone that my favourite area of the city was a place that combined gorgeous architecture and fancy shopping? Everything looked beautiful and it is the location of the iconic Fendi colonnades. The district is also the home of the only Loewe store in North America and Aubi & Ramsa, an ice cream shop that makes all of their products with the finest wines and spirits. Give the Tangerine Mimosa sorbet a try: you won't regret it.




When I first announced the Miami trip, I had a lot of people mentioning that I would love the shopping in the city. Our hotel was located near the Lincoln Road Mall which was such a fun shopping strip with lots of retailers and restaurants. Another impressive mall was the Brickell City Centre which housed the local Saks store in a visually stunning building.




The city is quite famous for its Art Deco style which is prevalent in South beach. However you may also find Mediterranean Revival and Miami Modern styles throughout the city. If you have the chance to head towards Brickell, you'll find that the palm tree jungle you had been immersed in since your arrival has now turned into a jungle of skyscrapers.

miami architecture


Café Culture


I can't go to a new city without checking out their café scene! Unfortunately Miami was lacking in that department but we still managed to find a couple of gems. My favourite was definitely Panther Coffee which made up for its lack of Instagrammable appeal with incredibly tasty coffee. On the other hand of the spectrum, we had Dreamer Acai Juice Matcha which had a beautiful location but absolutely revolting matcha drinks. I did however get a wonderful matcha lemonade at OTL in the design district.

panther coffee


Ice Cream


In a climate as hot and humid as Miami's, the cold treat is a necessity and can be found almost everywhere. Some of my favourites were the mango passionfruit sorbet from The Alley, the Black Sesame from Taiyaki NYC located at 1-800 Lucky in Lynwood and the tangerine mimosa sorbet from Aubi & Ramsa.



An instagrammable guide to Miami would be incomplete without Wynwood Walls. The outdoors museum is a worldwide renowned institution known for showcasing the works of graffiti artists all over the area's walls. However, Wynwood surpassed my expectations as the area turned out to be a true hipster gem comparable to London's Shoreditch or NYC's Williamsburg.



Española Way


I've always thought that the only way to truly experience a city is by foot. It is only then that you might discover hidden gems such as Española Way. Conceived as a Historic Spanish Village, the pink neighbourhood abounds with a multitude of restaurants and charming alleys.

miami ootd menswear

I am not a person who typically loves hot and humid climates but I did surprisingly love my trip to Miami. Whether it was the good food, the company or the palm trees that triggered such a positive response is unsure but the one thing that's certain is that eternal bonds were created during this trip.