Sustainability and Merchant Sons / by Didier Young

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When we think of the topic of fast fashion, clothing stores such as Zara and H&M often come to mind. Other than fast food, we seem to only think of clothing when the fast lifestyle subject comes up. However, there are other ways in which our daily lives are affected by the phenomenon. Every time we give in to the purchase of cheaper replicas where no original creativity was required, where products were the result of mass manufacture and without taking in environmental consequences or long term durability, we are giving in to the fast lifestyle. This rushed way of living, when conformity and quick results are pre requisites, surrounds us everywhere, from the mug in which you consume your morning coffee to the sheets you sleep in. 

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Luckily, people’s mentality is slowly changing. The recent years have seen the uprising of a multitude of companies that believe in providing quality products at a fair price, aprocess that they manage to achieve by eliminating the middle man and becoming the designers, manufacturers and distributers of their own products. One such company is Toronto based Merchant Sons. Originally born as an online entity, the lifestyle company recently opened shop in a small townhouse located at the corner of Richmond and Widmer St. Conceptually created to feel homely and welcoming, Merchant Sons cleverly displays their products around the space without making it feel overly commercial. To add to the charm of the store, Merchant Sons partnered with Toronto coffee roaster DeMello Palheta to convert the existing kitchen into a small coffee shop. DeMello is one of my favourite coffee roasters in the city and supplies some of the best coffee shops in Toronto with their magic beans (NEO and Sorry to name a couple). This partnership definitely helps to bring some life to an area whose coffee scene has been lacking for the longest time.

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The brand’s offerings are small but they are off to a great start. Their bedware line is available in beautiful shades of blue, green, grey and a striped version. Quality wise, the brand focussed on creating a breathable and durable fabric that makes it almost impossible to get out of bed in the morning. The brand’s presence in your home doesn't stop to the bedroom: stain resistant cushions and super soft sweatshirt blankets will make your couch even comfier during your Netflix nights and the blend of cedar wood, fir needle and patchouli present in their house-made candle will help to create the perfect ambiance for a chill night in. Soft and super absorbent bath and hand towels, made from 100% combed turkish cotton, are also available for your bathroom in white and grey.

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Sustainability is a big word. We often mention it but do we have a clear conscience when it comes to what we purchase and consume? At the end of the day, it all boils down to finding products that cause the least damage to the environment and that stand the test of time. When it comes to my Merchant Sons bed sheets, I can proudly say that I am happy to make my own bed and lay in it.