Light Café / by Didier Young

Baldwin village is a location well known for all the small restaurants that populate the community. However, you would have been hard pressed to find a coffee house until Light Café opened up a few months ago.  To be fair, the place is a bit of a hybrid: part café and part food spot with a fairly extensive menu of soups and sandwiches.

Interactive coffee in the making.

The place itself is quite pretty with simple wooden tables paired with aesthetically pleasantly comfortable chairs. The hanging light displays are equally cute and quite reminiscent of little terrariums, a connection that is further reinforced by the presence of a wide green wall which acts as a visual centre piece for the patrons of the café. Natural light floods in from the large front windows which make the first few tables perfect for Instagrammers and photographers alike. The choice of music was quite whimsical with instrumental versions of Disney classics playing in the café.

The tasty lobster bisque is sure to keep me coming back for more.

On this trip to Light cafe, the first orders placed were for coffee. After quickly browsing through the magazine-like menu, we decided on the two signature drinks of the house; the Cotton Candy coffee and the Light Café Special. As per its name, the Cotton Candy coffee comes with a big puff of cotton candy, onto which you are to pour your warm milk and coffee. After what feels like a big chemistry experiment, you are left with slightly sweetened café au lait which might come as a disappointment to some people. The same applies to the Light Café Special; lots of apparatus handling that will leave you with a lukewarm potion. These two coffees are perfect if you are looking for a wow moment or for an Instagram photo that might reap a bunch of likes, but for those simply looking for a cup of the hot caffeinated beverage, you might consider exploring the safer options on the menu.

The picture perfect waffle.

After the coffee came the food. When I saw the price of the lobster bisque, I will admit that I assumed that I would only be receiving a meagre portion of the seafood soup. However, the amount of the tasty bisque I received was more than expected. There was no chunks of lobster to be found, but the soup itself was nicely seasoned and tasted great. Next came the Choco-Banana Waffle, which as its name implies, was a combo of waffles, fresh bananas and chocolate ice cream. The waffle was an amazingly uniform shade of brown that made it look too perfect to be real, with a crispy shell and a warm fluffy core albeit the perfect waffle. The banana slices and the chocolate ice cream also came with crunchy walnuts, banana custard and chocolate sauce. The experience from eating all the different components of the dish was satisfying. However it did come with a level of sugar that I was not necessarily comfortable with.

All in all, the experience at Light Café was good enough that I would go again. On the next trip, I will most likely avoid all the menu gimmicks and keep my meal a tad more light.