Lacoste/ Rogers Cup / by Didier Young

The cool magnetic sunglasses from Lacoste.

Instead of Tennis Whites, I went all pastel for the event.

This past Wednesday, I had the honour of attending the Rogers Cup, a yearly tennis tournament, courtesy of Lacoste. While the women’s tournament takes place in Montreal this year, the men’s matches are being held at the Aviva Centre at York University in Toronto.

Lacoste makes the coolest tennis rackets ever.

We arrived at the centre right on time for the match between Japan’s Kei Nishikori and USA’s Dennis Novikov, which ended with a decisive win for Japan. The game that followed was the plat de résistance; a racket battle between Luxembourg’s Gilles Muller and the Serbian tennis giant Novak Djokovic. What followed was a choreography of precise movements where every single move could make or break the dance. After a lengthy back and forth between the two tennis men, the ball ended in Muller’s net and hence causing Djokovic to proceed to the next round of the Roger’s Cup.

Chilling in the Lacoste Suite and enjoying two fantastic tennis matches.

While it was fantastic to see the World's number one tennis player do his magic on the court that day, the joy was only augmented by the fact that we got to be there as Lacoste’s guests. The french clothing company was founded by famed tennis player René Lacoste whose nickname, the Crocodile, became the brand’s logo. Since then, Lacoste has been closely associated to the world of tennis, thanks primarily to the popular polo shirts that the brand is known for.

Tennis giant Novak Djokovic VS Gilles Muller.

I will have to admit that before going to the Rogers Cup, I was not the biggest fan of tennis. While I caught the broadcasts of Wimbledon and Roland Garros over the years, I still only maintained a rudimentary knowledge of the sport but after watching this elegant game live, you can now consider me a convert. Thank you again Lacoste for the wonderful opportunity and the change of heart. If Djokovic doesn’t win the title this year, you can be assured that it won’t be crocodile tears that I will be shedding.


It's a french party in the Lacoste suite. Incidentally Camilla (@ave.camilla), Isabelle (@allons.y) and I all decided to bring french designer bags to the event because friends who dress together stay together.