Inspiration / by Didier Young

It is 12.45pm on Thursday and I am currently sitting at my desk, trying to think of what I want to write about for Friday’s blog post. Obviously my attention is getting deviated to such things as Netflix and making more coffee, as if three cups today were not enough. Today’s blog post is a tad unconventional. It is about being uninspired.

As content creators, we are always racking our brains to come up with fresh new takes on something that might have been discussed multiple times before.  In an Age where everyone’s opinion is so wide spread and within the public’s reach with a simple click, staying fresh or relevant is always a complicated concept to achieve. We feel the need to always push out content routinely and it can become quite a stressful exercise but lets be honest here: sending out an uninspired post or photo out in the world is not going to resonate that well with your readers or followers either. Bloggers and influencers amass a following based mostly on their ideas, opinions and point of views so why give them a piece that is lesser than they deserve. So when you have a writer’s block or have no idea what to write about, take a breather and don't feel obligated to post today. There are a few things that you can do however to reinvigorate yourself and here are a few of them.

Reading. Sometimes the smallest news article or a pieces about Margiela might trigger a flicker of an idea in your head that would be worth pursuing. Reading and writing work hand in hand. We read to enrich our vocabulary, correct our grammar and to discover a new tour de phrase. Ultimately, reading is about seeing someone else’s point of view and ideas. I am not telling you to plagiarize them. Take the information given and understand where the writer stands on the topic they are talking about. Sometimes that is all that you might need to tackle a new subject.

Go out. Call a friend and meet up for coffee or go shopping. Sometimes when I feel like my head is cluttered with to many thoughts, I like to go out for a nice long walk. People always think I’m a bit crazy because I tend to walk everywhere I go, even if it is simply to go to a coffee shop thats an hour and a half walk away from home. I enjoy the walk and the clear headedness it brings to me. A lot of the places I end up featuring are places that I stumbled upon on my long walks and I would stop in to take a peak and start a conversation with the owners.

Work out. Now, I will be the first to admit that I do no partake in this option quite as often as I should. However, I do know quite a few of my friends who use their gym routines as a time to clear their heads and resource themselves. Another fantastic alternative is to meditate and do yoga. It truly helps to reset your brain and I never fail to feel a certain air of serenity after a yoga class.

Last but not least, sleep. Have you ever noticed how uninspired you are when you are tired? Sleeping is how our brain rests and declutters itself from useless information that might have been absorbed during the day. Another important thing to do is to eat. Take a few minutes in the morning and eat a banana. Feeding your brain ,both in nutrients and oxygen, is not simply needed for you to survive but also for your brain to be able to function at its optimal capacity.

If inspiration still doesn't arrive by the strike of midnight, it’s ok. Do not force it and remember: sometimes your lack of inspiration can be the muse to your next blog post.