Indochino / by Didier Young

Few things fit perfectly when you purchase them off the rack. Tee shirts are often too baggy or too tight, jeans are too constrictive or completely annihilate the numerous (or very few) hours you spent squatting at the gym. From time to time, you will find a piece that fits you like a glove. In Poop Brown. While most of us manage to manoeuvre around the issue and somehow find ways to make it work, some pieces in a man’s closet simply cannot be worn ill fittingly, namely a proper suit. That’s where companies like Indochino come into play.

The Canadian brand started out with the aim to bring high quality, customisable sartorial pieces to the gentlemen in Vancouver City. Since then, additional outposts popped up in Ottawa, Toronto, New York, Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Boston and Philadelphia, thus bringing affordable bespoke pieces to numerous cities in North America. As such, it comes to no surprise that I chose to head to Indochino for my first made-to-measure suit. 

Upon arrival, I was greeted with warm smiles and my favourite non-alcoholic beverage: coffee. Evan, my style guide, is a Toronto native with a contagious love for menswear. We started our appointment with the stats. Fourteen measurements are taken in the making of a suit in order to achieve literal head-to-toe perfection. Next came the choice of fabric. Indochino carries hundreds of fabric swatches for you to choose from and I was drowned in a sea of blue, much to my delight, and a tonal indigo Glen Plaid was chosen. The suit then incurs further personalisation: lapels, jacket vents, buttons, pockets, lining, pleats and monograms. No detail is spared. The same treatment is applied to the shirts available for order at the store and a wide range of pocket squares and ties help to complete your look. Once all those steps are completed, the wait begins.

Fast forward to 3-4 weeks and your look is ready to be picked up. At the second fitting, things moved along quite smoothly. The shoulders were perfect on my jacket but the waist and sleeved needed to be taken in slightly. The pants also needed to be shortened but those are alterations that are fairly easy to execute. Thirty minutes at the store and I was done. It takes Indochino up to a week to complete those simple changes that are executed at the Toronto location itself.

Patience is a virtue that pays off apparently. The suit was ready shortly after a month and it could not fit any better. I have always been an impulsive purchaser and this was by far, the longest I have ever waited for a garment but I can now understand the appeal of a bespoke suit. Not every brand suits me but in this particular case, Indochino and me were the perfect fit.



Whole outfit courtesy of Indochino/ Sunglasses by Rayban/ Ring by Tiffany & Co/ Shoes by Adidas