Winter Skincare: Hydrators / by Didier Young

In part one of my Winter skincare series, I talked about some of my favourite face masks. Part of my weekly routine consists of doing at least one or two masks per week, whenever I feel like my skin requires a small boost. However, it is important to keep your skin in prime condition during the rest of the week as well. While proper cleansing and toning are essential first steps, the key to keeping your skin supple and healthy is proper moisturizing. I often talk about my love for higher end products from brands such as Aēsop, so for this post, I will focus on three moisturizers that may be found at drug stores that are effective and at a lower price point.

If you have read my previous skincare post, you will know that I have combination skin. In the summer, I sometimes use gels and lighter serums as moisturizers but in winter I usually require a cream based moisturiser. My skin is also fairly sensitive, which means that I cannot use anything that is too heavily scented or chemical or I might end up with rashes and breakouts. Believe me, no one wants to see that happen.

 One of my newest coup de coeur is Australian brand Dr Roebuck’s. I mentioned their facial scrub in the first post and I have to admit that I have been very impressed with the rest of their line as well. The best selling FACE is devoid of any scent other than a faint whiff of lavender due to the lavender oil present in the product. Used morning and night, the product has a thicker consistency while still spreading easily on my skin and leaves me with a nice non-greasy glow. At $59.95, the product might appear to be pricy for a drug store brand but it comes in a 100ml jar that will last you for a very long time. 


My second drug store recommendation is VICHY’sAqualia Thermal cream. Available in a light and a rich formula, the cream uses VICHY Thermal Spa water in its production and boasts a 48 hour continuous hydration. Both formulations seem fairly similar at first touch, however you do notice quite a bit of difference once you start spreading them on your skin. I found the light cream to be more than enough for my skin type and left me with plump looking skin and without any residue. The products are lightly scented and didn't cause any reaction to my skin which I was thankful for. One may find the 50ml containers of VICHY creams for $39.95. 

Last but not least, L’Oreal Hydra Genius’ Daily Liquid Care is a yet-to-be-released hydrator that was inspired by Korean technology. Infused with aloe water and three Hyaluronic acids, the product provides your skin with 72 hours of continuous hydration. The gel-like product glides on your skin and almost feels like water without leaving any sticky residue, something that you can usually expect from products with aloe present. The liquid care has very rapidly become one of my go-to moisturizers in my cabinet and is by far one of most moisturizing gels I’ve used to date. Once it hits the stores in late February, you will be able to purchase the 90ml containers of Hydra Genius’ Daily Liquid Care for $23.99.

We always put an emphasis on how paying more for a product ensures higher quality but there are definitely some gems to be found in drug store aisles. Our skin is one of our most important organs and we definitely need to take care of it but there are options that will allow you not to break the bank.It all comes down to knowing how to recognize fantastic moisturizers and not where you find them.