Good Fortune Bar / by Didier Young

Toronto’s subway system is the cause of many a heated conversation in Toronto. While it is easy for people to adapt to the simple linear routes taken by the trains, the subway itself seems to incur more issues adapting to its environment. Each weekend is marked by disruptions in the traffic flow and constant maintenance being undertaken in the underground tunnels. The one thing we may all agree about however, is the wide expanse that the subway system covers in the city. While most people would count the Toronto downtown to end at Bloor station, the subway system allows us to explore further areas in the city. One such exploration date took us to Eglinton station to check out Good Fortune Bar.

Located below the newest addition to the La Carnita family, the bar opens daily at five in the afternoon and closes at two in the morning. While the area does have quite a few bars, Good Fortune Bar is one of the few of its kind within the Eglinton neighbourhood. One may choose to grab dinner at La Carnita and end the night with a frozen treat from Sweet Jesus or they could simply descend in the underground to enjoy liquid treats reserved to those above nineteen of age. The selection includes adult milkshakes spiked with generous amounts of liquid courage and the usual fare of beers and cocktails. One drink stood out from the crowd. The Galactic Punch, a clever marriage of Mount Gay Eclipse, Oleo saccharum and Good Fortune chai-biscus tea, offered a fruity taste of the summer past while the strikingly blue ice cubes are sure to become an Instagram favourite. 

While a big emphasis is put in the bar part of the name, we primarily came to Good Fortune seeking their Fortune Burger and crinkle fries but we ended up ordering half of the small menu. The Miami ribs were sweet and fell off the bone. The fried chicken were tasty and stayed crispy even after 20 mins of photo shooting time, something that is always note worthy if one were to order take out food from the institution. The Crinkle cut fries were nice and crispy and were served with a delicious cheese sauce.  As for the burger, it was by far one of my favourite ones in the city. At $8 for a burger, it is also one of the cheapest ones when it comes down to seated restaurants.

Sometimes it is scary getting out of your comfort zone and crossing the perimeters you usually set for yourself. At times you end up going to terrible restaurants or in this case, I was able to discover a brand new gem. I guess I’ll just blame it on my good fortune.