Three New Men Gel Moisturizers to try out this Summer / by Didier Young

For those of you living south of the Canadian borders, you have most likely started feeling the wondrous effects of spring. With every garden filled with beautiful flowers, the ability to finally shed layers of clothing and feel the sun on your skin, it also means that it’s time to change your skincare routine to adapt to the warmer weather. If you are anything like me, then even your face tends to sweat in the summer. My winter routine of rich moisturizers do not help with this condition either and coupled with an additional layer of sunscreen, my face often creates the illusion that it is melting in the sun by midday. My go-to during the sweltering weather are face gels and i recently tested out three of them that recently launched on the Canadian market.

First on my list is the Clinique for Men Maximum Hydrator Activated Water-Gel Concentrate. The moisturizer boasts “supercharged hydration that will refresh and quench dehydrated skin when temperatures and UV levels rise”. With a gel-to-liquid formula that provides an immediate 179% moisture boost into the skin, a cooling sensation and Liquid-Sphere technology with encapsulated antioxidants that help break the cycle of dryness and environmental stress, the product has acted as a miracle elixir on my skin. Perfect for all skin types,  the product is slightly scented despite being marketed as fragrance free but it is at a low enough level that it doesn’t bother me. The hydrator provided an immediate boost of hydration to my skin and left me looking plump and with a nice glow.

The next gel moisturizer that was tested was the Lancôme Hydrix Micro- Nutrient Moisturizing Gel. Targeted towards the late twenties to thirties demographic, the daily skin moisturizer is enriched with micro-nutrients that are claimed to be specially chosen for men. The product is scented with an undeniably manly fragrance that thankfully dissipates quite quickly after application. My skin is quite sensitive and does not usually do well with perfumed products but I did not notice any issues over the week where I used Hydrix. The gel is super hydrating and my skin felt nice and supple throughout the day. The product is slightly more expensive than its Clinique counterpart but the packaging is definitely sleeker and has more of a luxurious feel to it.

Last but not least, I gave the Vichy Mineral 89 a try. This moisturizer combines water rich with fifteen minerals and hyaluronic acid to fortify the skin and make it more resistant to signs of aging. Earning it’s name from the fact that it is made up of 89% mineralizing Vichy Thermal water, the product is targeted towards dry and dull skin by providing hydration and giving you a vibrant, healthy glow. This might be the most fragrance free product I have ever tried. It literally doesn’t smell like anything. On my combination skin, the product was adequate even though I would have hoped for a bit more of a hydration boost however it might be a good option during the peak of summer when my skin is a tad oilier. Price wise, the Vichy gel moisturizer is almost half the price of the Clinique and Lancôme product which makes it the most affordable option by far.

Each product has its very own pros and cons but I will admit that my personal favourite so far is the Clinique gel. How about you? What products form part of your summer skincare routine?