Figo / by Didier Young

Gorgeous archway leading to where the magic is made.

The Feast.

One of the jewels in Icon Legacy’s panoply of hospitality outlets, Figo is a restaurant that focuses on Italian cuisine. The aptly named restaurant (Figo meaning Cool in Italian), is located at 295 Adelaide St.W, in an area that has become King Street’s restaurant strip over the years. Although the area had been plagued with sub par food for quite a while, the strip has slowly grown into a more elegant and refined dining district in Toronto, thanks in part to restaurants like Lee, Buca and Byblos.

Beautiful details at the restaurant including the rose covered ceilings.

All the furniture here has been custom made for the store.

The space is a feast for the eyes. Designed by Studio Munge, who is also responsible for the gorgeous Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie and Weslodge Saloon, the restaurant is a vision in white and grey. While such a pairing can end up looking flat and boring, Studio Munge managed to dodge the latter thanks to the various layers of shades and textures throughout the restaurant. Figo is a great example of a complex decor where each detail was carefully thought of. Each piece could stand on its own and captivate your interest but when put together, they are more than happy to work with each other rather than to cry out for your attention.

Pretty latte art and better coffee that at some of the other restaurants in the company. Looking at you there, Weslodge.

Now lets discuss the food. We went to the restaurant for brunch and showed up without a reservation but the hostess graciously found us an adequate table on the patio. Martin, our server, was as charming and helpful as can be and we started off with a round of mimosas. It was nice to note that the drinks still had a nice touch of bubbly to them. Far too often, I order mimosas in restaurants and find myself sipping on mildly alcoholic flat orange juice.

French toast anyone?

The brunch menu includes a Prix Fixe option, which offers you a starter, main and dessert along with free coffee or tea but if you are not looking for an extensive meal, the brunch menu itself is quite adequate. Along with a selection of pizza, you will find other brunch staples with an italian twist. Here, the Classic Breakfast is served with smashed potatoes and charred tomatoes while the Egg Benedict can be found atop a tomato focaccia with pepperonata. All things said, the brunch was tasty but lacked the unexpected. Mascarpone? Check. Mozzarella? Check. Bombolone? Check. All the ingredients in the popular Italian culture were present but lacked a sense of definitive originality which would set it apart from other similar restaurants.

Tasty tiramisu for dessert.

When it was time for dessert, the Tiramisu was good but I was mildly disappointed by the bombolone. Perhaps I had been subjected to too much public hype about the doughy treat but it came short of expectation. One would wish that the same amount of love that was put in designing the restaurant could have been spared for the food produced . Figo remains a good hangout spot for the people in the area, once they get tired of Hooters and Jack Astors, however it pales in comparison to the other company restaurant. Perhaps my opinion would change if I were to try the dinner menu, but as of now, Figo unfortunately remains the pecora nera in the Icon Legacy familia.