Food Basics at Landsdowne and Dupont / by Didier Young


I was recently reminiscing about my college years. I remember all the wonderful moments spent in school, learning to bake bread and creating chocolate sculptures. The greasy lunches eaten at the nearby diner. I also remembered that money was a bit tight back then and that forced me to eat out less and cook at home more often. Toronto is blessed with a multitude of different groceries store, however most of the ones populating the downtown core tend to be a tad overpriced. Thankfully, there were a few oases in the city where one can shop at a lower price range and one of them is the topic of today’s blog post: Food Basics.

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Operating over 115 stores throughout Ontario, Food Basics was created in order to cater to people’s needs for fresh and affordable groceries. From fruits, vegetables, daily breads, canned goods and even alcoholic beverages, the chain has truly become a one-stop shop for patrons eager to do their groceries as efficiently as possible. The brand recently opened up their first location within the city in more than ten years at Lansdowne and Dupont, Located in a historic building, the beautiful new store pays homage to the neighbourhood’s industrial past with its custom décor including exposed brick walls and graffiti installations from Toronto artist, Meghan Kehoe. 


Sometimes we seem to be under the assumption that produce available at a lower cost automatically means a drop in quality as well, however I was pleasantly reminded that this is not always the case and that many people shop at stores like Food Basics out of choice, not just because they want to spend their money on things other than groceries. On my most recent trip to discover the new store, I purchased some beautiful local yellow plums that were absolutely delicious and some figs that were at the optimal level of ripeness. Today, I am partnering with Food Basics on a giveaway open to the residents of Ontario. Simply head over to my Instagram account and follow the instructions to be eligible for a $50 gift card and some edible goodies.

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Since this is a food giveaway, I think that it is adequate to end this post with a quote from the Hunger Games. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour.