Fall Beach Look / by Didier Young

Ever since moving to Toronto in 2009, I have been subjected to some irregular weather patterns. While it usually gets scorching hot around August/ September and gets the coldest in February/ March, the months in between can be somewhat erratic. However, it is common consensus that in November, all the trees burn crimson and the temperature gets close to zero degrees celsius. Imagine my surprise when my weather app indicated 12 degrees this past weekend. Instead of complaining about it, I decided to make a small trip to the beach before the beginning of winter.

Do not worry, I am not crazy enough to put on a bathing suit to go and swim. However, the beach is still a lovely place to stroll along and enjoy the crisp breeze. The trick is to dress appropriately for the weather and for the environment you are in. For today's light coloured environment, I chose to dress in head to toe neutrals. The ground near the beach alternates between asphalt, sand and dirt. Due to the weather, flip flops and sandals were obviously out of the question. Suede and cloth would be a tad bit tricky to clean and may incur damage and as such, I opted for my trusted white Stan Smiths. I always found them to be quite stylish while remaining comfortable and adaptable to almost every environmental condition I am in.

White jeans were de vigeur today. Men have few occasions where white pants are commonly acceptable. To be fair, it is mostly due to the impractical nature of the colour. I can’t stress the number of times i was stressed out about sitting down on those jeans. However, the colour lends itself well to a nautical theme and is a gentle contrast against the grain of the sand. The look is completed with a healthy dose of beige. While beige is a colour that is comparable to a nude next to my skin tone, the residual tan from the past summer helped to offset the colour nicely. This coat from COS also came with a small vest which could be worn either inside or on the outside of the jacket to create a cool layered look. I topped off the outfit with a beige cap that killed two birds with one stone: It gave the accoutrement a street style worthy look while also masking that I totally forgot to do my hair that morning.

After a couple of hours walking along the shore, it was finally time to head back to the city. I might not be able to get back here and enjoy the view for the next few months, but at least I had one November day where I got to leave my footprints in the sand.



Coat, Vest & hat courtesy of COS/ Jeans by Proenza Schouler/ Shoes by Adidas/ Glasses by L.G.R