Home Redecoration: How to Redo your Dining Room on a Budget with Structube / by Didier Young

Winter is coming. Those famous words from George R. R Martin’s A Song of Fire & Ice novels couldn’t have been truer for the country I live in. Toronto is a gorgeous metropolis full of life during the summer but things do tend to slow down during the winter months, when everyone tries to remain indoors and the Uber Eats prices surge due to high demand. When my roommate moved out at the end of October, he left behind a highly aesthetically confused living room that was half decorated. Since I’ll be spending so much time at home in the upcoming cold months, it made sense to start the redecoration process right away to truly create the home that I had envisioned in my mind.

Of course, there are a lot of different options out there and at varying prices. While Andrew and I were furniture shopping for the past few months, we noticed that furniture either cost $50 and looked like it was worth $15 or that everything cost a couple of thousands of dollars. Even when we found pieces that were affordable and at a better quality, they often wouldn’t fit with our aesthetics. We were slowly getting discouraged by the whole process until we found Structube. The Canadian brand has been around since the late 1900’s and it has over 60 stores across Canada and as of November 2015, the company made their e-commerce site available to US customers.

The one thing about living with your partner is that you need to create a place that feels like a home but that combines the aesthetic of both individuals. I tend to prefer Scandinavian minimalism while Andrew tends to favour cherry wood and a darker overall aesthetic. Luckily for us, Structube has a huge variety of styles and a fairly wide range of colours and we rapidly agreed on three different pieces. As  the centre piece of our new dining room, we chose the MARTINI marble dining table. Much like King Arthur’s Round table, there is no hierarchy with a circular table and it encourages equality and inclusivity plus the gorgeous marbling makes it the perfect backdrop for any flatlay photos that I might need to take at home. Since our dining room has a parquet floor, I picked two wooden chairs to tie the whole dining room vibe together. The DENMARK dining chair is inspired by Danish designer Hans Wegner’s famous wishbone chair and it adds the perfect Scandinavian touch to our dining room. Since I am not much of a host, I settled on only two chairs for our table, however you would be able to fit up to four chairs at the 106cm MARTINI dining table.

I know that it is often customary to choose one type of wood and keep it going throughout the house in an attempt for cohesion however I wanted to bring in a touch of darker wood to give the room a bit more depth. The ARTO sideboard comes in a gorgeous Walnut veneer frame and brushed gold stainless steel legs. It injects a cool vintage vibe to the room which i find quite cosy. After assembling those major pieces (it only took a couple of hours at most), it was time to add the final touches to make this dining room truly feel like home. I kept the colour theme going with brown and white tones and a touch of orange to add a small pop of colour.

As much as I love fresh flowers as a centre piece, I tend to prefer props with a longer life span for my backdrops. Cotton stems are highly aesthetic, bring in a cosy touch to the room and they do not die. Ever. You can also spray them with some of your favourite room scents and they will retain the smell for quite a while. I have a huge affinity for pretty candles and I tend to spread them around the house. Along with the turntable, they are props that add a lived-in feel to the room while still proving to be quite useful if you’re planning a romantic dinner at home. Add in a couple of green plants and a nice bar cart (ours is a vintage find that is currently being restored) and you’ll have a dining room where you’ll want to be able to dine in as often as possible.

structube dining room

Now that we have almost completed the dining room, our little apartment is finally starting to feel like a home. This definitely would not have been possible without Structure and after seeing the pieces come to life, I even decided to place an order for a new couch on their website so I can’t wait to start decorating my living room next!