COS 10: The Anniversary collection of the Swedish Brand / by Didier Young


Opened on Regent street in London in 2007, The first COS store was the fashion concept little sister of mega-brand H&M. Since then, the brand has grown into its own, becoming a shopping destination for avid lovers of the Scandinavian minimalist movement. The pieces are often quite reminiscent of luxury brands such as The Row and Celine but offered at a price range that is within reach of most households. Prior to COS’s Canadian landing, I will admit to not being entirely familiar to the brand. However, it was love at first sight when I entered the store located on Bloor Street. Since then, my closet has adapted itself to include numerous pieces from the Swedish brand.


Ten years may have passed by for the brand but it hasn't aged a single day. To celebrate a decade of COS, a special ten piece capsule collection was designed for men, women and children. Each garment was created like a jigsaw, with the full width of the fabric being used and with each shape deciding another. While limiting any excess of fabric, these methods also create a clean collection filled with collapsing volumes and rectilinear silhouettes. Available in a palette of sand and white cotton and technical polyester, the pieces draw inspiration from Japanese culture, both in the kimono styled women’s coat and the square-cut proportions of a men’s jacket. 


In these photos, I am wearing the aforementioned square-cut jacket in a sand toned polyester. One of my favourite things about COS is their ability to create minimal functional pieces with a design twist that sets it apart from the other garments on the market and this piece perfectly embodies this spirit. The double panelling of the jacket creates an illusion of layers and depth while the pockets offer practicality and an interesting design element. It is a wearable piece that blends well into my everyday wardrobe while still subtly standing out which are, in my eyes, the characteristics of an elegant garment. I love the versatility of the piece as it goes well with my usual hues of blue and it is perfect to dress up a simple tee and jean look or to dress down a good pair of chinos and dress shirt.

The collection will go live on March 24th in select stores and online. Judging by the quality of the piece I received, this collection is sure to be a hit and I am positive that my wallet will take a solid hit. No regrets though as I’ve definitely become used to this COS of living.



Jacket: COS/ Shirt: Club Monaco/ Chinos: Sandro/ Shoes: Gucci/ Sunglasses: Rayban/ Ring: Louis Vuitton/ Pochette: Louis Vuitton X Chapman Brothers