J.Crew X New Balance / by Didier Young

Espresso. Americano. Cappuccino. Mocha. If you were to ask a stranger about any of those four words, they will usually know that you are referring to a form of coffee beverage. Things start to get a bit hazier when asked about affogato, bicerin or cortado. However, there has been a prominent rise in the popularity of cortado recently, due in big part of Patrick Janelle from @aguynamedpatrick and his famous #dailycortado, which triggered the inspiration for a J.Crew X New Balance shoe collaboration.

What is a cortado you may ask? The word comes from the Spanish verb cortar which means “to cut”. The milk to espresso ratio in the drink is usually equal with barely any froth on top, causing the milk to be denser and velvety. For someone with a mild lactose intolerance like yours truly, it is the perfect drink. Whenever I am not sticking to my usual americano, you’ll often find me sipping on a cortado instead. Its rich hazelnut brown tone and velvety white are what inspired this new 997 sneaker collaboration between high street brand J.Crew and the athletically inclined New Balance. 

Using premium suede in a mix of grey, brown and off-white for the uppers and keeping the outsole white, the new design is a testament to the classic New balance silhouette, the effortless chic of J.Crew and the timelessness of a cortado. The 997 sneaker has always been a great everyday shoe which pairs wonderfully with a simple button up shirt and a pair of comfy jeans. You can up the ante by throwing on a leather jacket to edge up the look or a blazer to keep it classy and chic.

The limited edition pieces will be available on jcrew.com and at select J.Crew stores on March 25th. I shall now cortar this blog post short and head out. After all this talk of coffee, I need to grab myself a cup of the delicious hot beverage.