Travel Diaries: Copenhagen / by Didier Young

My favourite image taken during this trip. Copenhagen's favourite mode of transportation.

The first time I went to Copenhagen was over a year and a half ago, slightly before the launch of . The royal Danish city was a place that I was excited to cross off the top of my bucket list and even though my stay there was short, it was one of the most memorable trips of my life. I did not originally shoot the following images with a blog post in mind, however I recently stumbled upon them on my hard drive and I decided to freshen them up. My editing style has changed since then and it's fascinating to see how a little bit of extra saturation can truly bring an image to life. With that in mind, I am finally posting a photo diary of my favourite European city.

One of my favourite things about Copenhagen is definitely the architecture. From the Baroque style of Christiansborg Palace, the Historicism of Frederik's Church or the Classic Nordic influences of Grundvig's church, the city abounds of different schools of architecture while somehow remaining incredibly cohesive.

The signature shot of the iconic Nyhavn.

There are quite a few gorgeous gardens in the city and my favourite was The King's Garden. Copenhagen seems to be a city where down time is greatly valued.

The restaurants in the city are quite beautiful and often have a trademark Scandinavia feel. Høst and Bæst both served fantastic coursed meals and Atelier September was undeniably my favourite coffee shop in Copenhagen.

The city is home to the head offices of Kinfolk.

all visitors are welcome.

A statue of The Little Mermaid sits gracefully on the docks of Copenhagen as an homage to Danish author Hans Christian Andersen.

I was spoiled when it came down to shopping. I am a huge fan of Scandinavian design and Strøget was packed with designer boutiques, department stores such as ILLUM and it is also the home of HAY, one of my favourite Danish design companies.

The Design Museum of Denmark is a brilliant institution where one could spend hours in awe of the works of amazing danish craftsmen such as Hans Jørgensen Wegner.

The city is still the home of the Danish royal family who reside at Amalienborg. Christiansborg Palace, the third of its name and built on the location of the original castle, is the seat of the Danish Parliament, the Prime Minister's office and the Supreme Court of Denmark. Part of the palace is open to the public.

Copenhagen is a city that never left my mind since the day I visited it. It is a grandiose capital filled with gorgeous architecture, friendly people, beautiful design and delicious food. What more could I ask for really?