Skincare Review: Three Months Using the Clarisonic Mia Smart / by Didier Young

Hello everyone! Is it just me or is this end of year season passing by even faster than usual? Much like most people, I’ve been busy wrapping up campaigns, attending holiday parties and stressing out about what to give to my loved ones for Christmas (or even worse, what to gift out for Secret Santa parties). I fell like I’ve been neglecting the Monthly Skincare blog post so I figured that I’d write one before Christmas fully comes around. While today’s post is not about a skincare product line per se, it does revolve around the newest versions of the Clarisonic, a multi-functional machine that cleanses and massages the skin and can even be used to apply makeup.

I remember when Clarisonic first came out with their original MIA model a few years back. I was so intrigued by the device that I saved up my money and headed over to my local Sephora to purchase one of the devices. Clarisonic has always claimed to be able to wash your skin 6X better than with just your bare hands by using a very specific sonic frequency that allows the device to dislodge all the debris, makeup and sunscreen that might have accumulated on your face throughout the day. While I did originally break out after starting to use my MIA (which is a common occurrence), I did gradually start seeing improvement to my skin tone. Since then, I’ve also been the proud owner of an ALPHA FIT and the newest MIA SMART.

After leading a skincare revolution and staying at the forefront of the market since they first came out, Clarisonic decided that it was time to keep improving and innovation. With that in mind, the brand completely rebooted their device lines by cancelling all other models and creating the MIA PRIMA and the MIA SMART. While both devices can tackle the basic functions of cleansing and makeup applications, the MIA SMART can also connect to a phone app which allows routine customization and the usage of two new Clarisonic heads: the Firming Massage and the Sonic Awakening Eye Massager heads. Clarisonic also updated their cleansing heads by including an ink cartridge that fills up with red ink to let you know when it’s time to change them.

Of course, one of the main selling points of the new MIA SMART is its app connectivity. The phone app doesn’t only allow you to customize your daily routine, but it also offers you “rewards” based on how often you use your device. It also enables you to record your skin journey to ensure that you can notice any difference that might be happening to your skin over time. I’ve been using the newest Clarisonic model for about three months now and I am completely obsessed with it. The new cleanser brush is a lot gentler on the skin while still cleansing as much as the previous ones did. The make up head allows me to apply foundation on by using only a third of the product that I’d usually require when using a brush or beauty blender and the finish is a lot smoother. As far as the new massaging heads go, if you wanted to purchase only one of them, I would probably recommend the firming massage head. I find it more effective and more versatile than the Sonic Awakening Eye Massager.

At $129 for the PRIMA and $229 for the SMART, there’s a fairly big price gap but I would definitely recommend grabbing the SMART due to its versatility. The Clarisonic would also make for a great Christmas present for the skincare lovers in your life and they usually have some fun gift sets around this time of the year which would give you even more value for your buck.