Skincare Review: Clé De Peau Beauté / by Didier Young

The key to everyone’s skin health differs based on the individuals. Some attribute it to a cult cream, to the use of their beloved Gua Sha, extensive daily intakes of water or some to the fact that they don’t even wash their faces. In my personal experience, I’ve found that drinking lots of water and a proper amount of sleep helps but finding the right skincare options for my skin type greatly helped to improve my skin as well. In my quest to find the holy grail, I am constantly trying out new brands and products, from drug store to high-end luxury skincare, and my search recently brought me to the iconic Clé De Peau Beauté brand.

Launched in 1982, Clé de Peau Beauté soon became the number one beauty brand in Japan. The combination of Japan’s cutting-edge science with the elegant French aesthetic made it a crowd pleaser and its success continued when the brand made its way to the United States in 1999. Adored by celebrities, makeup artists and skincare connoisseurs, Clé de Peau Beauté became well known for its incredible formulations along with its gorgeous packaging. To begin my journey with the skincare/ beauty brand, I decided to settle with three different products: the renowned Long-Lasting Concealer SPF 25 which people around me kept referring to as life-changing, le serum and the brand new Essential Refining Essence. As per usual, I used them for around a month before putting my thoughts into words to make sure that I could provide a well rounded review of the products. 

Clé De Peau Beauté Long-Lasting Concealer SPF 25

Let’s start with the product with the most hype in this line-up: The Concealer. The product is a 15 time In-Style Beauty award winner and was re-formulated to include an SPF 25 and it is available in six different shades. It also contains the signature Illuminating Complex EX skincare ingredient which helps to diminish the appearance of damage caused by dryness and provides hydration and a smooth refined texture. As someone who doesn’t typically wear foundation on the daily, I usually use a concealer to cover up any drying acne patch or any redness on the skin. I am happy to say that the concealer is perfect in both cases. It’s creamy texture blends wonderfully on the skin even on dry spots and leaves it looking very smooth. It is also a fantastic product in terms of coverage and it has a very nice finish which doesn’t leave your skin looking cakey. The only con with this line is its limited shade range but that’s definitely something that’s easier to fix than having to undergo a reformulation. This is definitely going to be my go-to from now on.

$95/ 5g

Le Sérum

Let’s talk about Le Sérum. This beauty-awakening serum contains two ingredients that are exclusive to Clé De Peau: illuminating Complex EX (combines moisturizing and retexturing ingredients that normalize the skin and reduces the appearance of environmental stress induced damage) and Essential Prime Complex (supports the fundamental barrier function of skin and enables the skin to absorb more beneficial ingredients). This serum protects the skin from dryness while giving it a high boost of moisture and promotes increased suppleness. After using it for a few weeks, I’d say that I am quite happy with the results. The serum is lightly but beautifully scented and after application, it immediately made my skin feel comfortable and moisturized. Over the span of a month, my skin has started regaining the plumpness that I had lost due to the recent weird weather in Toronto and it truly did feel like such a luxurious experience to put it on everyday.

$400/ 40ml

Essential Refining Essence

The Essential Refining Essence was recently reformulated to include a new ingredient the addresses the cause of visible pores. The product further claims to restore hydration for up to 8 hours and leaves your skin exquisitely smooth by dissolving impurities from inside pores and reducing surface dullness and roughness. This essence also makes the inclusion of the Illuminating Complex EX (mentioned in the previous two products) and Surface Refining Complex EX. Upon application, you immediately feel a wonderful cooling sensation on your skin and I did notice smoother skin in the span of a couple of days. After a full month of using the essence, I can honestly say that my skin feels a lot smoother and hydrated and applying any form of makeup has been a pure pleasure because of how smooth my skin has becoming since using it.

$130/ 170ml

Given that all three products contain the Illuminating Complex EX, I can’t guarantee which one of them really helped to do the most amount of good to my skin but I was pleasantly surprised by the combination of the three. They are all gorgeous products and I have basically been using the Le Serum bottle on my nightstand as a prop since I got it because of how gorgeous it is. That being said, I do know that it isn’t in everyone’s budget but as far as luxury skincare goes, I felt that all three were really worth their price and I am definitely curious to try other skincare and beauty products from the brand.