Casual Dinner Attire / by Didier Young

Jacket: COS, teeshirt: Theory, pants: Kit & Ace, shoes: MSGM, bracelet: Celine

Dinner time in the city can be hard to dress for. Depending on where you are going or coming from, a simple tee shirt might suffice or a top hat might be required. Today’s outfit is versatile enough to give you a bit of leeway.

Keeping it simple. Lots of people refuse to mix navy and black together but I personally love it.

Lots of my styling knowledge comes from the french; always try to look effortless but put in the effort. Think Brigit Bardot, Jane Birkin or even Napoleon. Always keep it understated but try to add one statement piece. In this case, my outfit relies on this twist on a blazer. A good lapel always dresses up everything but the cut of this jacket makes it a tad cooler than your regular dining jacket.

Outfit on and ready to go.

The rest of your outfit should be kept as simple as possible. Chinos or jeans are perfect options especially when paired with a nice white or grey tee shirt, an option that will allow for a colour break in your outfit while keeping it far more casual than wearing a shirt. Finish off your outfit with espadrilles, shoes that are super relaxed and comfortable without looking too casual. Once the look is completed, your only worry will be what to order off the menu.