Make-Up Review: BOY de Chanel by Didier Young

I love makeup. I remember growing up and sneaking into my mother’s vanity to try out all the new products that she bought (and never used) and just being fascinated with how all those different colours looked on my face. Of course when my parents found out, they weren’t too thrilled. I’ve always known that my parents loved me but they definitely had a more traditional view of what a boy should be like. Boys don’t love boys, they don’t play with dolls or have high affinities for clothing and boys definitely do not wear makeup. Of course, my parents aren’t the only people who think like this and in many ways, that’s also why we have so many things that are marketed to specific genders. We rebranded deodorants in black for males and added masculine scents to skincare to cater to the male demographic. Brands are finally starting to tap into the male makeup industry, first pioneered by Tom Ford and now Chanel has followed suite with their Boy de Chanel line. 

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The Three Highlighters you Need for Glowing Skin by Didier Young

Growing up, I remember watching my mother doing her skincare routine. She always had perfect skin and rarely ever wore more than a lipstick, some mascara and a touch of blush. It turns out that my mother and I had the same policy when it comes down to your face: make sure to treat your skin properly and you won’t need to put on very much to cover it. As such, I tend to spend most of my days au naturel even though I love experimenting with make up from time to time. However, I’ll always leave the house with a touch of highlighter to boost up my glow. Today on the blog, I am talking about three highlighting products that I have been obsessed with lately.

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Monthly Skincare Review: Bioderma AR and How to Reduce Rosacea. by Didier Young

If you were to ask anyone if they know of Bioderma, their immediate answer would most likely make reference to the brand’s micellar water. The first time I heard mention of the brand was on Lisa Eldridge’s youtube, an amazing make-up artist who has previously worked with Shiseido and Boots No7 before becoming the global creative director of Lancôme in 2015. She mentioned that it was her favourite micellar water to use on models during fashion week due to its gentle nature and needless to say, I immediately ran to my local drug store to grab a bottle after the video ended. This was how my love story with Bioderma began.

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