Christmas Time with Bulova / by Didier Young

The irony with getting older is that you feel like you’re starting to grasp the concept of time but time never remains in your grasp. Each year, time seems to go by faster and faster and before you know it, it is already Christmas. With that in mind, I’ve found that I started valuing my time pieces more and more over the years as they allow me to make it to appointments in a timely fashion while still acting as a great accessory for my daily looks. 

Bulova kindly gifted me two of their watches recently and I’ve been wearing them daily. Funnily enough, my first adult watch was a Bulova. It was a very minimalist piece with a rose gold frame and a brown leather strap but I cherished it dearly. It was a representation of my entrance into adulthood, a memento of a time of change in my life. To this date, I still wear it from time to time despite having accumulated a sizeable collection since. Bulova was founded in 1875 by Joseph Bulova and even though they make some stunning pieces, the brand has always been able to keep their prices fairly low which makes Bulova the perfect entry level watch for anyone who might be trying to build their own collection of time pieces.

In all honestly, I have always been intimidated by watches with metal bracelets. While I have always admired them, I always felt that they would look ridiculous on my smaller wrists. However, my fears dissipated after i paid a small visit to a watch shop to get the bracelet resized. After adjustments, the watch felt right at home on my wrist. The trick in picking a watch is not only to pick a piece that would be versatile enough to be worn on multiple occasions but also finding a face that is proportionally pleasing on one’s wrist. Since I wear a lot of silver and white gold jewelry, I opted for two stainless steel automatic watches, one with a blue dial and the other with rose gold detailing.

The chronograph watch is a piece that combines a display watch with a stopwatch, making it the perfect piece for piloting, car racing and diving. However, due to its multiple dials, it can be quite a large watch to wear. As part of the Curv collection, the Curv Chronograph watch has a curved steel case which causes the watch to look far sleeker on the wrist than your everyday Chronograph. The slimmer look is especially well paired with a slim suit and can be worn at all the holiday parties that you’ll be attending this year. It has a certain James Bond quality that is sure to make people stop and ask you for the time of day.

The second watch that I grabbed from Bulova is a two-toned automatic from the Wilton collection. With its simpler dial and glimpses of rose gold, this watch is a tad more understated than the first but as equally striking. The great thing with this self-winding watch is that it basically powers itself on the movement of the owner. If you put it on and you keep moving around with it, the watch will keep going. If you put it down for more than 60 hours, the watch will stop but it can easily be awoken with a gentle shake. This watch looks great dressed up with a nice suit but works equally as great with a simple pair of jeans and a hoodie.

Not unlike a perfume or glasses, a watch is often a matter of personal taste but Bulova watches have a certain crowd pleasing quality to them that is sure to delight anyone gifted with one this holiday season. They are little works of art that you are sure to wear time and time again.