Brennan Michael / by Didier Young

Originally from Prince Edward Island, one of the three Maritime provinces of Canada, Brennan Michael moved to Toronto in search of new experiences and thrills. Following a trip to a lifestyle specialist store, he made the purchase of a candle that most of his friends thought was overpriced. When the wick was lit for the last time six months later, Brennan realized that the monetary value of his purchase was not the same as the emotional value he attributed to that specific scent. He forever has one scent to remind him of memories that lasted the length of two seasons. That is how his professional adventure began.

The one that started it all. The Brennan Michael candles are still some of my favourites on the market.

The one that started it all. The Brennan Michael candles are still some of my favourites on the market.

Following a year of meticulously trying out different waxes, oil combinations and the different branding options, Brennan took a few of his candles to select stores in Toronto and the rest is now history. The Brennan Michael brand of lifestyle scented goods is now being sold all over Toronto in locations such as the Tuck Shop Trading post, Lost+Found, Park & Province and Muddy George with each store offering a scent that is not available elsewhere.

I originally stumbled upon the brand on Instagram and being attracted to the minimal look of the product. After following each other on social media, we were immediately friends. No i'm joking. It did take at least three likes before that happened. I decided to finally give his products a go and I have to admit that I haven't regretted it since. All the love he puts into each of his products is apparent in their quality and strength. You can tell that when he pours his candles, he always keeps in mind that a young guy from PEI might one day buy one of his creations and forever remember the memories of his summer thanks to that particular scent. 

Brennan Michael, you have lit up a flame in my heart that is nowhere ready to die.



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