Blogger life / by Didier Young


June 2016. I packed my bags and left for Scandinavia. After nine days in Stockholm and Copenhagen, I had an epiphany, a revelation of sorts. I realized that I was not happy doing what I was doing and that I needed a change. Thus began my career as a full time blogger. Was it everything I thought it would be? Above and beyond. Was it as much of a breeze as everyone thinks it is? Absolutely not.

Let’s be frank. At some point or another, if I were to mention to you that I was a full time blogger, your question would have been “And you make a living off of this?”. The answer is, yes, I do make a living out of this. The media sphere exploded and thankfully for me and for countless other bloggers, that meant we could do what we wanted to do, work how we wanted to and charge however much we wanted. Life was going to be a succession of parties and parties, receiving new products each day with only the promise of a distant photograph on my Instagram account. Right? Well, not exactly. My life is not all glitz and glamour. There’s definitely a lot more to it. You become your own agent, your photographer, model, light technician, accountant, lawyer and writer. You learn a plethora of skills to help you advance to each different stages of your life in an attempt to get an extra thousand followers. You go to events and you talk to people you don’t always love but always make sure to be highly polite and you never missbehave because everyone can see you all day, everyday. It became a job where I wasn't working and yet I worked 24/7. Where I had the biggest amount of freedom and still was never ever free to do everything I wished to do. As bloggers, we often take trips to clear our minds to recharge and refocus on the world around us. Ironically sometimes those trips include five outfit changes and painfully long commutes to a location simply to be able to get the perfect photo that captures the spirit of the country we are in. Sometimes it becomes a race against time to find the best coffee shops in the city and five lattes before noon.


This will sound like the confessions of a spoiled teenage princess, who focusses more on the small things around him without truly comprehending that in the world, people are starving and cannot express their feelings and beliefs. Trust me, I know about it. Part of my job as a Caption Writer has to do with me always being on my A Game when it comes to culture and economics so that I can write the next big Caption and make all of you laugh and escape your current life situations. You’re welcome. All things considered, we weave dreams and show the world a bigger and enhanced part of us. We sell you the dream that you want to live in. What we do has substance and meaning to us. So please, do not see our vocation as something trivial and shallow because we do put a lot of work into it. Now that this has been put out there, let’s focus on a happier sentiment. A lot of us are not happy with our current life situations and we want to change it all. Here are a few tips as to how to make it into the blogger/instagrammer circles:

  1. Engage. Always engage with your followers and reply to each and every message. If they took the time to write on the post, then you can definitely afford the time to answer back.
  2. Go on blogger dates. Meet new friends and get together! Nothing really beats that one. You’ll find out that creatives tend to have lots in common plus it really helps at events when you already have friends.
  3. Commercial. Post commercial items on your blog. The more you are detectable, the better. At the end of the day, there will always be a market for each thing but by being commercial, you’ll get there much faster.
  4. Post all whites. Ok I am joking on this one. Post tons of colours if you really want to! However, do try to keep it more cohesive. A cohesive feel will always have much more appeal than a messy one.
  5. Love yourself. I found this one in a book where all the chapters ended up with love yourself. (Yes, I do read books because of CAPTION). Lets be frank. You really do need to love yourself in this market. People will bite your head off otherwise. So be strong and keep moving on!

Last thing before we conclude this chapter. It gets busy when its busy and really dead when its dead. So do count your blessings and just be happy you are doing something you absolutely love. So there you are, the confessions of an Adult Freelance Blogger. Someone should make a book. Next idea perhaps?



Whole look: COS/ Shoes: Adidas/ Teeshirt: UNIQLO