Home Redecoration: Redoing the Master Bedroom with Structube / by Didier Young

A few months ago, Andrew and I decided to undertake a redecoration project for our living room/ dining room after we decided to move in together. We wanted it to match both of our aesthetics while still remaining affordable and after going furniture shopping both in store and online, we settled on a common area that was mainly furnished with Structube pieces. We loved it so much and the response on social media was overwhelmingly positive so when we decided to also redo the master bedroom, our obvious first choice was to work with Structube once again.

When I first moved into the building, I was still a student and living with a roommate. Since I was single at the time, I didn’t require much and had furnished this room with a single bed (which rapidly became far too small for Andrew and I), a desk for my computer and a few shelves to house various knick knacks. It was all that I needed back then but it did look more like a freshman’s room than an adult’s. While there are a few showrooms in Toronto, we decided to shop on Structube’s website instead since we already trusted the quality of their pieces, having experienced them firsthand while redoing the living room. The shopping process went by seamlessly and after browsing through their selection, we rapidly settled on a bed frame, night stands, a rug, a lamp and a faux fig tree.

While there may be some delays in the shipping of some of the pieces on the website (due to availability), delivery is fairly quick once they have everything in stock. A couple of weeks after placing our order, I got an automated phone call that prompted me to book an allocated time for delivery. Structube will usually give you a window during which the pieces might be delivered but having had things delivered three times already, I’d say that they are very prompt and I received my pieces closest to the beginning of that time frame. We started off by laying down the rug (the ALOHA Hand-made wool rug in 8’ X 10’) to avoid any damage to the flooring during the construction of our bed and an hour and a half later, we had something we could sleep on.

Well, something we could almost sleep on I mean. Obviously we still had to put a mattress on the bed but the good thing is that we received our Casper mattress a few weeks back. Thankfully, it was packaged so neatly that it only took the tiniest space in our office when we waited for our furniture to arrive. Once the bed was constructed, we simply had to roll out the mattress and let it expand for a few hours. I definitely didn't regret getting the Casper as it is truly one of the comfiest mattresses I’ve ever slept on and I look forward to going to bed every night now. For those wondering, the mattress does not require a box spring as it was designed to be versatile and they even have a 10 year warranty on their products.

After the bed (The MUROL in a Dark Grey Queen size), we proceeded to assemble our nightstands. Those were super easy to put together and it only required us to screw on the handles and the feet. The bedroom was slowly shaping up but we had a small empty spot close to the radiator and we wanted to give it a bit more life. Since it is a darker corner, we placed our new floor lamp (The ASTON) there but we also wanted to add a bit more greenery. Due to its proximity to the radiator, it would have been hard for us to place a real plant there so instead we placed a fake fig tree. I browsed online for hours on end to find a good fake and trust me, they are hard to find! At the end of the day, I decided to go with the Structube version as it is one of the most realistic and affordable versions that I was able to find.

One paint job, two framed blueprints, three cushions and a last minute Structube curtain order later, our bedroom was finally completed. I am definitely happy with how the redecoration process went and it ironically forced me to step out of my comfort zone to create the comfort zone of my dreams. I am as in love with my new bedroom as I was with my living room and I cannot wait to place more Structube orders in the future as I further redecorate my place.