A Year in a Blogger's life / by Didier Young

The month of June this year marked a few things: It announced the beginning of summer, created the very defined line of a farmer’s tan on my skin and it also marked the one year anniversary of my blog. A year ago, I decided to go fully freelance with my career, quit my stable yet boring full time job and set myself to writing about my personal experiences and opinions and sharing them on this platform. Here are some of the things that I’ve learned along this 365 day journey.

Beginning a blog seems very easy in theory. After all, you simply need a few cute photos, write a few words and press publish. However, practically speaking, it was a completely different beast. The issue wasn't that I lack ideas but rather that it was hard to pinpoint exactly how I wanted to express them. Learning to find my writing voice was similar to finding my personal fashion style: it was a lengthy journey, but a necessary one. As hard as it may seem, try not to focus on your shortcomings but rather on your strengths. If your forte is taking photos, then focus on more pictures and less words. There is absolutely no shame in knowing your weaknesses.

Managing your time when you’re a freelancer was also an interesting facet of the industry that I learned about along the way. You will have weeks that are jam packed with launches, openings, dinners and events. You will have days where you will shoot five different outfits. Days when you will find yourself in a new city and drinking eight lattes before 1pm. You will also have weeks that will be less crowded, when you won’t have any new packages or contracts coming in and you will start doubting your career choice. I think that the biggest lesson that I learned from this was that even though you did get a nice cheque that came in the mail, that doesn’t mean you should spend it on a new designer purchase right away. You need to be pragmatic and learn to save up for the months when you will have less work coming your way. Not having a steady pay check is scary at times but it always made me push and work harder.


The lifestyle itself has been hugely different from my previous job. While I previously worked in a field where I had next to no social life, my life now fully revolves around socialisation. I often get told by outsiders that I must have a fun life due to my Instagram content and I will admit that I am blessed to be able to do what I do for a living. However, I would like to point out that while I do love my job, events are not merely fun things to attend. They are work engagements. The rest of my day might seem free but I am often going from meeting to meeting, shooting, writing, replying to emails, reading legal documents and making sure I meet specific deadlines. It’s fun but it is also definitely a lot of work. The one downside of being a full time blogger is that sometimes people belittle you for not having a traditional nine to five job.


To those of you who ask me if I make money off of blogging and Instagram the answer is yes. And when you ask me how, the answer will always be: “By working hard”. Cheers to a year gone by and to the multitude of years to come.



Full outfit: COS/ Glasses: RetroSuperfuture.